Parents urged to take good care of children in school


In the observation of my first day at School yesterday in the Sissala East Municipality, emphatic calls have been made for parents to take good care of their children by providing essentials they need in school. Director of education Mr. Leonard Ananongbaala has urged parents to feed the children before they go to school and not allow them to solely depend on school feeding. He said when parents push children to go and feed in school, it will affect some to the extent that they may not listen to teachers in class if the food delays. The Municipal Chief Executive Hon. Karim Nanyua expressed that it takes patience for a parent to invest in the future of their wards as he entreats them to do so for their them instead of decorating rooms with mattresses and other materials which may lose value in future. He bemoaned teacher absenteeism that is seen as an educational challenge and disclosed biometric clock system would be introduced in schools to track absentee teacher. Hon. Karim Nanyua urged teachers to morally conduct themselves and stay committed to teaching. He also appealed to parents to contribute their quoter by building houses to accommodate teachers in their communities.


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