Teachers told to distance themselves from people wives and student girls


Teachers have been cautioned to desist taking student girls as wives since girls are brought to school for teachers to model and nurture them to realize their future dreams. They have been advised to also distance themselves from wives of members of the communities where they are teaching and conduct themselves morally to create cordiality for smooth service delivery. This was said in the observance of my first day at School in Mwandduanu, Kuroboi and Yigantu when Mr. Dimmie Suglo and Issaka Basuglo Mohammed were assigned to welcome new entrants into KG1 and P1. The officials encouraged teachers to model the freshers to become like them or even greater and avoid creating bad impression like using canes and insults on child’s first day at School which could deter them from continuing their education. They also encouraged teachers to see their profession as sacrificial job for national development but not a lucrative venture and therefore must commit themselves to prove beyond doubt a true reflection of the quality in them on the children. Parents were also charged to be responsible and support their wards with the necessities they need to stay in school. Enrolment in Mwanduanu was 42 for p1 and Kg1-44, at Kuroboi they registered 19 for p1 and Kg1-35 and at Yigantu 60 children were enrolled into Kg1 and 44 for p1. Meanwhile, teacher absenteeism was witnessed in all the schools visited. With 19 teachers in Mwanduanu basic school, only 12 teachers were in school and also in Kuroboi basic school which has 17 Teachers,15 were present. Similarly at Yigantu basic school which has only 7 teachers, 5 were present.


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