The paramount chief of the Gwollu traditional area, Kouro Buktie Liman called for peace and tranquility among members of the New Patriotic Party in the Sissala West District after a ruckus between some members of the party which triggered press conferences in the constituency.

Kouro Buktie said this when he called the party members and his elders on the 22nd of October, 2018 to his palace. There he explained that, the rivalry between these two groups is retrogressing development in the area and also giving the district a bad name to the world, this he called the leaders of NPP in the constituency with their supporters to all smoke the peace pipe in order for them to jointly work for the development of the district going forward. Kouro Liman also urged the leaders to forget about the past and face the future for is the only thing that can sustain peace and unity in the area.

Kouro Abudu Bukari of Liplime who was also in the meeting urged both parties to forgive each order as members of the same party. He also cautioned some members of NPP in the constituency to desist from disseminating information that are offensive and could provoke leaders and some members of the party.

Meanwhile, today on the Radford Masie Breakfast show, Mr. Abdul Rauf Zini the Sissala West Secretary of the party thanked the Gwollu Kouro for adopting such a step to resolve the matter, but he disclosed that the District Chief Executive is not a unifier, for the reason that, he does not go to funerals and other social gatherings this he thinks is bringing the image of the party down. This he explained that, sleeping dogs will not be allowed to sleep on this issue, because the MP has not responded to their petition, for that reason unity has not been restored yet as said by people that unity has been restored after they met the Gwollu Kouro. Mr. Rauf Zini on the program also mentioned that, they have raised four resolutions, which are, the DCE should be sacked, the Hon. MP should meet stakeholders in the party in the five zones of the constituency in order for them to come out with issues so that they can all come together and possibly look for lasting solutions for such problems, resources should be evenly distributed in the constituency and the party van with Majeed should be collected to aid in the party`s activities, he expressed.

Mr. Karim Hudu Muah also on the show described the issues raised by Mr. Rauf as very unfortunate, this according to him, Gwollu Kouro yesterday after his words it was all laughter among them but it amaze him hearing this from Mr. Zini today. This, he added that, it would suit his heart if they all stopped this issues and come together as one in order to concentrate on developmental matters as the ruling party. Mr. Hudu also mentioned that, these disputes are very easy to be solved by themselves through the chairman and the constituency executives instead of somebody else calling them to solve the matter.

Mr. Hudu Muah ended that, it is too unfortunate for Rauf to say that, the DCE should be remove from his position, this he questioned that, did the DCE embezzle funds at the assembly, did he steal anything from the assembly, did he rape or defile somebody or did he assault someone? This, he explained that, they issues raised by the constituency executives are of no meaning; therefore they should better look for authentic reasons before demanding for the removal of the District Chief Executive in the constituency.

Fatawu Bayaga: RafordFM


  1. We thank Gwollu kuoro for his style of leadership but we have some questions to ask him. Did he really mean there is a fight? And what is the fight? Bcuz I have not seen any fight. All they are doing is jaw jaw and that is part of politics and accepted. I really don’t see the need of the chief coming in. At the end of the day ,did the chief helped us to answer some question on how our MP is ashawo? Was he able to help us answer questions like how our DCE awards contracts to wives ? And was he able to help us find answers to how the DCE is building and completing so many projects within two years of power? Isn’t it an issue to call for forensic and better investigations ? It is time we allow institutions to work and allow individuals who are corrupt to suffer for their greed interest. At the end our resources are going and we can’t develop. We can’t allow such characters to be in power. Is our DCE our procurement head in our district? . We respect Gwollu chief a lot and so he should allow us to ask questions and get answers . Wajiwie Yussif


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