Holy Child Basic School at the weekend celebrated its 20th anniversary, on the theme “improving educational standards through collaborative efforts: the role of stakeholders” at Wellembelle in the Sissala East Municipality.

In a speech, the headmistress of the school Sr Priscilla Nenuwa, explained that the school which was established on the 20th of October, 1998, despites all the academic glittering in the school over the years, it saddens her heart with the challenges confronted by the school, for instance, inadequate, furniture, textbooks, computers, teaching and learning materials classrooms, accommodation for teachers and many others. This Sr. Nenuwa added that, they have written to the Municipal Assembly through the Education Office in Tumu, different NGO`s, old students of Wallembelle Association, and some PTA executives for support. She continued that, they also contacted the Member of Parliament before organizing the 20th anniversary for support.

Sr Priscilla Nenuwa, during her speech appealed for support from philanthropist, the Municipal Assembly and NGO`s to support them in order to meet some of the pressing challenges faced by the institution.

The Sissala East Municipal Director of Education Mr. Leonard Angnonobaala in a word congratulated the headmistress and for that matter the whole institution for organizing such an important program, this he said, “it is important to celebrate the life of any living thing every year and if an institution has stayed to mould children into responsible citizens for the past 20 years, that cannot be glossed over”.

Mr. Angnonobaala urged the school authorities to continue with their hard work in order to further improve upon the academic performance of the institution, “I will like to assure all present that the Municipal Education Office will do everything in our capacity to assist you improve upon your performance which is the hallmark of most Catholic Schools”, he stated.

Mr. Leonard also assured the school authorities that, government is doing everything it can to solve the many challenges encumbering the school’s academic work in the case of inadequate logistics and other educational needs going forward.

The Sissala East Municipal Coordinating Director Mr. Victor Sagbor-Moore in a word on behalf of the Municipal Chief Executive hinted that, the challenges labeled by the headmistress of the School are all taken note of, this he mentioned that, the Municipal Assembly has made provision of furniture and other logistics that schools require in the assembly`s budget, this according to him, the headmistress of the school has to frequently remind them, so that any time these logistics are provided her school will also get its share. Mr. Victor also explained that education is a shared responsibility, for the reason that, they have facilities for community initiated projects; therefore, community members in their own ways can start with something in the case of the teacher’s accommodation and classrooms whilst the assembly comes in to support.

Fatawu Bayaga: RadfordFM


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