Some polling station executives and some party supporters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Sissala West District explained that, the attitude of the Sissala West constituency executives of the Party is deeply distracting the good image of the party in the district, because the press conference organized on Friday 19th of October, 2018 is unfortunate that people of their caliber could zero themselves to lies and fabrication of the DCE and the MP in the name of gaining their selfish interest and also demanding the removal of the DCE.

This came after a press conference organized by the Sissala West NPP constituency executives on the caption “the sorry state of NPP in the Sissala West constituency”. During the conference the executives called on appointing authority and national executive committee to relieve the DCE Hon. Mohammed Bakor of his position to pave way for peace and development of the party.

In a counter response to this call, Mr. Karim Hudu Muah the leader of the group in the constituency explained that,  as said by the executives, the DCE unilaterally awarded to himself and his immediate family fourteen schools out of a total of fifty-three schools under the school feeding programme in the district to the detriment of some hardworking members of the party is too unfortunate to have come from the executives, “my question now is, are these executives still possessing this school feeding each and the two to the chairman yet telling this lies?” He said.

Mr. Karim added that, talking of the Hon. DCE organizing weddings, building houses and buying a car is the most unfortunate and time wasting statement to say. “ladies and gentlemen, Hon. Mohammed Bakor before becoming a DCE was; a teacher, a business man who supply fertilizer to farmers to give back maize in returns and himself a farmer, his two wives one a professional teacher and the other a seamstress who have over 20 apprentices training and also having a store selling provisions. The said house was already built before he became a DCE and he has no house in Berekum in the Brong Ahafo Region as alleged by these executives”. Mr. Hudu lamented.

During the counter response to a press released by the constituency executives on the 20th of October, 2018. Mr. Hudu Muah bemoaned that, it is a big disgrace for the constituency executives to forget all the hard works of the MP and the DCE, for instance: Building of teachers quarters at Bouti, Nyimati, Kuntulo and light to Bullu teachers quarters, building of 6units classroom block at Liman SHS, completion of nurse`s bungalow, ongoing child and mother care unit with a 40 beds capacity, police post at Zini, chips compound ongoing at Bullu, MP bought 33 motor bikes for 30 assembly members and health workers, has drilled 47 boreholes in the district, repaired over 80, 6 water closet toilets built at market centers and HILSEC, he has lobbied to have telecommunication mast at Jawiah and 30 others underway, the DCE has been able to implement the planting for export and rural development covering 570 farmers and the MP and DCE’s efforts have helped in working on the breakdown vehicles of GES, health, assembly and the police.

You called the MP`s attempt to unite the party as cosmetic Attitude? when the regional chairman, regional minister, Hon Ambrose Dery, the chief and elders of Gwollu, Jaffisi Kouro among others tried to unite you and you played a very cosmetic tactics to deny us unity. What were the demands of the executives on meeting the Hon. MP?

  1. The Hon. DCE should be sacked
  2. The executives should be given contracts
  3. They said NADMO, YEA, NYA, and NABCO office holders should be release of their positions and be given to them.

Is this not fantasy and selfishness to think in this manner as constituency executives? Are they not Ghanaians and duly qualified to hold such positions?” He questioned.

Mr. Karim Hudu Muah ended by saying, “how long do we have to live in this disunity when we have learnt from chairman Dramani and his group that we should hate, disturb, complain, attack and seek for the removal of government appointees who are not of our like but not because they are not working for the common goal of NPP as a party in government”.

Fatawu Bayaga: RadfordFM


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