The Narcotics Control Board of Ghana led by Mr. Charles Kaneo, has held a sensitization programme in Tumu to raise some concerns and effects of illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and others on the youth.

The programme was started off with some victims of the hard drugs who shared their dire conditions in a movie cinema. A cocaine victimised lady spoke about her condition of being married off to it, and had no intimate feelings towards a man since the inception of her ordeal. Mr Charles kaneo started the education with a saying by the Late Kofi Annan, the 7th UN Secretary General from 1997 to 2006 which reads ” drugs are tearing apart our societies, spawning crime, spreading diseases such as HIV/AIDS, and killing our youth and future. And if any of you think you and your family members are immune, think again. Drugs are not a problem solely for the poor, the rich minority or inner residents; drugs affect everyone.”

Mr. Kaneo attributed several mental disorders and road carnages in Ghana to the use of these illegal drugs. He also raised the alarming widespread rate of the drugs especially cocaine, and its possible circulation in this region including Tumu and its environs. He added that cocaine, which is produced my mixing coca bush plant with cement, fertilizer, diesel and sulphric acid, is largely produced in North America in countries like Colombia, Peru and others.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kaneo exerted much emphasis on the increasingly usage and abuse of an ecstasy product called tramadol which is currently rapidly catching-up every corner of this country. He said many take the drug for stimulation purposes, which is wrong. He called on parents especially to be on watch of their wards as they could succumb to peer pressure and curiosity to involve themselves to the use of the hard drugs. He also cautioned pregnant and nursing mothers to distant themselves from using hard drugs and drinks with caffeine as that would definitely have direct consequences on their unborn and born babies respectively.

Mr. Charles Kaneo rounded off the programme with a legal backing of the PNDC L 236 that makes production, transportation, distribution, selling and all properties gained from the sale of the hard drugs criminal and hence punishable and could lead to imprisonment term of not less than 5 years. Tumu police command who was at the programme showed some peddled wee that he and his men collected from the ground after wee smokers ran away upon seeing them around Tumu market center.


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