Virtue Foundation a non-profitable organization today donated medical equipment to support proper health delivery in the Tumu hospital as part of its yearly activities of assisting medical facilities across the country.

The Virtue Foundation who’s mission is to create awareness, inspire action and render assistance through healthcare, education and empowerment initiatives comprised primarily of volunteers.  The Foundation today came with variety of supply and medical equipment donations valued at about 30, 000SD for the hospital to use for the benefit of the community at large. The mission team which comprised of six members included, Ms. Anna Szczepanek, International Director of Affairs, Professor Kasem Nouri a Gynecologist, Dr. Karl Mrak a General Surgeon, Professor Radtke Christian a Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Klauser Edgar a General Anesthetic and Nurse Jasmine Mrak a Senior Nurse in terms of intensive care unit.

Speaking during the handing over ceremony at the Sissala East Municipal hospital Ms. Anna Szczepanek the International Director of Affairs expressed how elated she was and for that matter the team for visiting Tumu once again as part of the foundation`s annual  activities, she was also thankful to the people of Tumu for their hospitality.  Ms. Anna added that, the foundation has been working with the Tumu hospital for a long period and they are trying to work hand in hand with the hospital to yield good health delivery in the municipality subsequently.

Professor Kasem Nouri a Gynecologist, in a word expressed how pleased he was for visiting Tumu again. He also took the platform and spoke on their schedules and activities, this he hinted that, within the next 48 hours the will work in the Municipal Hospital in various areas to help improve health care, Prof. Nouri also appealed to the co- founder of virtue to start working in Tumu to support them to come annually in order to work with the people in the hospital and the municipality at large. Prof. Kasem Nouri also mentioned that, this is the first face of the donation which is even little, this according to him they are more underway which are even more than the municipal hospital, therefore other equipment will be distributed to some health facilities in the Sissala East Municipality and the Regional hospital in Wa, through the municipal hospital.

Dr. Woode of the Sissala East Municipal hospital in a word during the occasion, welcomed the mission team with delightfulness, and he also appreciated the philanthropic activities of the organization in Tumu and the region as a whole in the area of supplying medical equipment and also supporting hospitals in terms of specialist services which include, specialist consultation and surgical operations.

Mr. Mohammed Bataglia who is the country director of the foundation also reiterated that, they are bigger medical machines underway which they were expecting on the 22th of this month but unfortunately according to him they will be expecting the container to arrive from the 19th of next month because of some delays. He continued that, as and when the equipment is in, they would sit with all stakeholders to look at how the things will be evenly distributed. Mr. Bataglia also advised the health personnel to use the equipment assiduously, in order to achieve the aim of the organization which is to improve proper health delivery in Sissala East and the Region at large.


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