Over thirty farming communities that lies beyond Taffiasi/Bujan culvert diversion has left many farmers, teachers, health personnel and other road users live in condition that is simply deplorable.

The culvert diversion which was undertaken by a contractor called Ucom who constructed the double giant culvert covering a space of about 30 meters will require massive filling from both ends of the valley to make it motorable. The diversion created by the contractor to aid and ease transportation of both human and goods has turned into pond of stretching about 30 meters which no vehicle, motorcycle nor bicycle can scale without folding up and taking out ones shoes or sandals. For nursing mothers, the aged and children this is just a tall order but a risky thing to do anytime it rains when the valley receives water.

Some inhabitant’s RadfordFM spoke to including health personnel have complaint of losing valuable medicines meant for health centers all in their attempt to ride across the diversion. Teachers, agric officials, NGO workers and traders must fold their attire; this they say is making life unbearable for them. They fear the same way farmers had a tough time sending farm inputs to their farms it will be the same for the upcoming harvesting season as an agrarian area.

Mr. Forkoh Bawie Juah Solomon a teacher says the Bujan area council is one of the councils that generate high revenue for the municipality yet the area has suffered in many ways including the challenge of transporting sick persons to seek medical attention. This Mr. Forkoh mentioned that, he and others are pleading with the government to resource the contractor to complete the culvert and the roads.

The narrowing and bad nature of the roads could cause accidents as one would need to be careful. The current revenue collector of the area Mr. Doho believes they contribute yet get little and repeated what a chief in the area said a few days ago. A trader says the place should be filled as it has affected their travelling distance from the rainy season till date.

The Sissala East Municipal Chief Executive Hon. Karim Nanyua says the situation could have been serious if he had not mounted pressure on the contractors, this according to him almost all the culverts in the municipality have either broken down or curved in due to what he claims is a several years of neglect as the roads had not been paved, regravelled or reshaped for a long time, adding that the heavy trucks and articulators that goes into the communities to load maize and rosewood have largely contributed to the bad road network in the area.

Hon. Nanyua however said out of a total of over 30 culverts under construction with about 10 almost nearing completion. He has asked the population to continue to bear with the situation whilst they make every effort to better the road situation.

The Sissala East Municipality has a total road network of 468.1 km representing 15.21% of 3,041.00km in the Upper West Region. According to information from the regional highways authority, meanwhile the Sissala East remains one of the areas in Ghana without tarred road from the capital to any of its communities except the portion from the Sissili Bridge which divides the Upper East Region from the Upper West Region of Ghana.




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