Acquire knowledge and skills before money – mentors to youth.


The youth have been advised to pursue knowledge and skills that will enable them showcase their capabilities and contribute to society’s development Mr Toffic Adams of the National Youth Authority urged.

While emphasizing on youth contributions to development in society that makes them outstanding and gains society’s recognition, he said young people should not hide their initiatives and innovations but find every means to get exposure and express them.

Adam was worried that some young people are not prepared to acquire knowledge and skills that prepare them for job opportunities but seek after quick money. Without knowledge and experience when they give you One thousand cedis it will make no meaning to most youth who lack knowledge of investment,he expressed.

With emphasis on knowledge acquisition, Mr Moses Dramani Luri indicates that when young people are given money and they don’t have skills it will be difficult to invest and the next moment is they going back to zero.

Mr Moses Dramani Luri whose advocacy role leads to social change and was recognised during Mentors and Youth achievers Awards in Upper West Region also admonished young people who especially are unemployed to accept volunteerism as a way of exploring opportunities.

He said  volunteering was what he began with after completing secondary school and that exposed him to prospects where he showcased capabilities he had. However Mr Luri called on the various Assemblies to intensify support for youth development.

Mentors and youth achievers award as far back as 2010 was initiated to award young people who in their respective job discipline have been contributing to the development their communities and country. This initiative impresses more young persons to work hard to contribute to their communities in order to be identified as mentors and achievers.



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