Startimes installers yesterday were attacked at Sakai in the Sissala East Municipality when they were installing the TV signal satellite for some beneficiaries of the project.

Their attack is said to have come from some infamous rosewood loggers who operated from Chinchang where he Tanko was part of a Sissala East municipality security task force that were mandated to flush the loggers out and his involvement is what angered them to attack Tanko who was in their community working.

In an interview with Radford News at 5PM Mr. Tanko Draman one of the victims explained that, the miscreants appeared on them unaware, when they were doing the installation in some houses. He added that, the guys who approached them came one after the other so he later realized that, their numbers were increasing, there he started defending himself when they were trying to hit him and his workers but his apprentice who was unable to defend himself well was hit on his head resulting in a swell.

Mr. Tanko later confirmed to Radford News on the 2nd November, 2018 that his apprentice is now doing well but an official complaint has been made to the security personnel and the assemblyman of the area and they all pledging to probe into the matter.

Some of the community members present also immediately intervened during the scuffle but work has since stopped until the impasse is resolved.

Meanwhile, the assembly member of the area who condemned the act Hon. Baluri Mani speaking to Radford News at 5 bemoaned that, before the installation started at his electoral area, he was not informed, this he continued that somebody told him about this activity going on in his area, “actually, I am not happy about what these installers did, you are going to work in my area without showing me any respect by telling me that, this is going to happen in my area, actually this is disrespect”, he said. Hon. Baluri added that, eventhough they appreciate the project coming to the community  its also bringing ruckus between some members of the community for the reason that, most of the beneficiaries are from one section of the community and he claims  angered the other section, this he explained that, if he was told this would have not happened in his electoral area.

However, Hon Baluri Mani later expressed that, he as a responsible person he will still find out from the installers about the situation and now take it over from there despite the disrespect shown him by not informing him of their coming despite signing for the project.

Another source tells RadfordFM the items have been distributed taking into account the various sections in the area. Sakai is the only community benefitting from the satellite installation as well as some selected institutions.

Star Times is to distribute 300 free TV decoders to Ghanaian villages.This partnership is part of the government’s commitment to bridging the digital divide between the rural and urban areas.This was announced by the ministry of communication this year.


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