Some teacher trainees of the Tumu College of Education today embarked on a peaceful demonstration on the streets of Tumu with brass bands over a policy by government for newly trained teachers to do national service which they described as frivolous.

The leader of the demonstrators,representing the SRC  In a word on behalf of the trainees explained that, they are doing Diploma programs and they were not informed about any national service which has never happened in the history of Ghana; this he disclosed that, why them?.

They complaint that, their immediate seniors when the graduated instead of them to be posted they were rather asked to write licensure examination after national service before posting, this he cried that they are not comfortable of that step adopted by the Ghana Education Service on Teacher College trainees. “We are not happy at all of the current educational policy imposed on us”, he said.

Meanwhile a rep from GES Mr.Naliwie Salifu responding to the issue explained that, this step is adopted by the Ministry of Education currently that teacher trainees after graduation should do national service after which those who will pass the licensure examination will be posted, this he admitted that, the GES office in Tumu is just an implementer of government policies and is exactly what they are doing.

“Last Friday we were at the regional level for this policy meeting and as I am talking to you, the policy has already been taken by government, you teachers are professionals so bring out authentic reasons why you don’t want to do national service for government to see”,he explained .

Mr Naliwie further said that “we are happy you are on a peaceful demonstration today because you are not happy of a policy government has implemented we will not stop you because is your legal mandate but you just have to think about the advantages of national service, put it at the back of your minds that everything has pros and cons”, he indicated.

The students used the opportunity and sought clarity on some educational policies which the officials took turn to assist.

By: Bayaga Fatawu/Radford FM/Tumu/UWR. 7th November 2018.


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