The Member of Parliament for the Sissala East Municipality Hon. Ridwan Abass Dauda has said that, it’s impossible for him and Hon. Karim Nanyua MCE of Sissala East to smuggle 21,000 bags of fertilizer to Burkina Faso as alleged by a petitioned sent  to the President.

`Through the period of the distribution of the planting for food and jobs fertilizer I  was in Accra and not home and how could I have stolen fertilizer`. He added “imagine you need about 21 articulator trucks to be able to carry this fertilizer, then check where they will park,load  to steal the fertilizer to Burkina without nobody`s knowledge, he said. He said this, following a petition sent to the president alleging that he and Hon Nanyua have stolen 21,000 bags of fertilizer and sold, hence demanding the removal of the MCE whilst the President brings the MP Hon. Ridwan Abass  to order for not working with party structures.

Hon Abass Dauda in an interview today on the Masie breakfast show Thursday morning responding to the issues raised against him, described the petitioners as being untruthful, this he continued that, Which social gathering has he not attended, “sometimes I am always busy but I know the party has constituency and polling station executives who can run some errands for the party back home, so through them sometimes if I am not there to go for a particular gathering I send them money for them to run the errand on behalf of me and the party until I come home to also go and greet”, he stated

The MP also mentioned that, he doesn`t want to say certain things on radio but just that he was so infuriated by the coordinators unplanned petition which was not even signed before it was delivered to the President. The legislator said further that all those whose names have been mentioned will provide the necessary evidence when they are called to court to prove as he is innocent about the loss of any fertilizer. He insists he consults the party and makes time to attend social gatherings anytime he comes around.

Meanwhile Sissala East Constituency Secretary of NPP Hon. Robert Asomani, conveyed that, it is mentioned in the petition that, appointments letters were given to some party members at the expense of others, this Mr. Robert explained the letters which were given were recommendation letters but not appointment, therefore if any party member want a recommendation letter you can be given if the person is a true member of the party.

He also cautioned that, it is not appropriate to air some things on radio this he hinted that, he was not happy about some of the things said by the NPP.The secretary warned all party members with issues to refer them to the party and not resort to the media for solutions but indicated that copies of the petition were received this morning and the party will open an investigation into the allegation as and come out with their position Mr. Robert Asomani stated on



  1. You mustn’t be present before you can still in Ghana politics. Then who smuggled the 21000 bags. Oh sissala east.

  2. this ,nice move taken by the government and that will be fair to the community and to also help get the untruthful people that always want to see orders fall down ..but wait ooh the question is why the hate


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