16 coordinators out of 21 NPP electoral area coordinators comprising of 65 polling stations out of 80 in the Sissala East constituency have written a petition the to president to immediately release and sack the MCE, Hon Karim Nanyua of his post and duties.

Meanwhile in a quick response, the Sissala East Municipal Chief executive responding to the issues on the breakfast show hosted by Mohammed Balu denied the allegations against him, and said he is not happy about the issues raised by the Coordinators in the petition as they had not been signed, but will proceed to explained, all the issues are full of lies. To start with, the 21,000 fertilizer that, they said we have smuggled, ‘I am asking if they can provide evidence in court if they are called,he asked`.

They also mentioned that I don’t attend social gatherings which is bringing the party`s image down. The MCE who sounded unperturbed asked, which social gathering didn`t he attend?, even during the campaign period i was the campaign manager and with the efforts and the support of others we won both parliamentary and presidential in this constituency he indicated saying since 1969 no person of the NPP stock won this seat excerpt him who was the campaign manager annex the seat.

Mr. Nanyua in an interview mentioned that, the coordinators want to dent his image as some people called for his sack when he was even made the campaign manager during the 2016 election.

Speaking on the Radford Masie breakfast show Thursday morning, Mr. Luri Shaibu who happens to be the spokesperson of the group expressed that, the MCE is highly indulged in lies and abusing his office making the party becoming unpopular in the municipality. Mr. Shaibu also mentioned that, the MCE has pledged to give them T and T when they attended a meeting which has never been done and many other things he has promised to do but all proved futile hence his lies. Speaking on behalf of the group he admitted that “since the nomination of Karim Nanyua as DCE for Sissala East and his subsequent approval by assembly members in May 2017, his conduct, poor managerial skills and leadership skills as well as ling to each and every person has given our party a bad image and press. This his behaviour has further badly affected the growth and development of our party in the constituency, caused greater despondency and disenchantment among the rank and file of our party in the constituency, taking the shine of the achievements and positive strides of the government away and most importantly making the NPP a mocking stock in the municipality, he explained.

In the petitioned sent to the president, its captured that, before the beginning of the 2017 farming season, the MCE Hon. Karim Nanyua who doubles as the chairman for the planting for food and jobs programme used his office to severely discriminate against a greater proportion of our party members from accessing forms meant for the registration of farmers for planting for the planting for food and job programme. This action angered most NPP members who are farmers, driving them to rather resort to buying fertilizer at exorbitant open market prices.

Mr. Shaibu further disclosed that, the MCE and the MP do not cultivate enough social capital from social events in the constituency in events such as, funerals, naming ceremonies, weddings and school anniversary celebrations among others, this on behalf of the group he stressed that, the lack of social capital has a negative reflection in the political fortunes of NPP going forward.

The petition also pleads with the president to bring the member of parliament Hon. Rid wan Abass to order with regards to respect for party structures and social functions especially when it involves party stakeholders in the constituency.

RADFORDFM/8th 11/2018


  1. Very soon we will state to use the smaller gods for the judgment in Tumu ,since we scared of that one then the almighty almighty….##


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