The SRC President of the Tumu College of Education Nanjo Mumuni Nashiru has said they are apologizing to their school administration and to the office of Ghana Education Office in the municipality for the protest which erupted yesterday following the imposition of national service on them as teacher trainees.

In an interview with Mr. Mumuni Nashiru on the Radford FM Masie Breakfast Show Thursday morning, he described the demonstration as unprepared one and unplanned, “this he explained that, I was not even there but to my surprised I was told that, my colleagues are demonstrating over the national service issue, which even amazed me because it was not our decision but I think it was a miscommunication, therefore, we are apologizing to the GES office and our administration for forgiveness”. He continued that, he had told them earlier that, the plan is to tie red armbands to lectures to depict their unhappiness upon the  approach by government as a concerned but not to move out of campus to demonstrate.

Mr. Mumuni on the show hosted by Balu Mohammed further disclosed that, even though it was not the best step taken by his colleagues but it’s their right to do so for the reason that, government has not done well for this policy which states that they should do national service before posting, this the SRC president admitted that, they were not informed about the stipulation of this policy, why are they instituting it on us, as it never came up before they were admitted, he asked.

He also complaint that, most of the new policies by the government are being planned for the first years, “why don’t they impose this on them but rather us who are pursuing Diploma and are in second and third years”, Mr. Nanjo Mumuni lamented.

Meanwhile, the administrator of the school Mr. Mujeed Salifu who joined the show said the schools administration was taken aback as they were not equally aware of the protest, this he said came to his attention when sleeping dogs were now lying as their activities was awashed on social media with students seen clad in red attire amidst brass band demonstrating.  after the end of their meeting . He added that by then he was in a meeting with most of the staff of the institution so they could not realized the departure of the students from the school, “I was only told that, they wanted to tie red bands to lectures to show that they are down to earth when anybody sees them but not to mount the streets of Tumu and start demonstrating, more especially visiting GES office”, Mr. Mujeed expressed worry.

The administrator also took the opportunity and advised the trainees to restraint and be patient, this he hinted that, even national service is not any bad thing; Mohammed is it bad, he retorted no, is not bad. The policy is a major government policy and the GES office in Tumu is only responsible for implementing policies so if we were told earlier, we would have directed them to the right people of their plights , ok what we will say is that if you are able to convince  government then, no problem, he concluded.



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