The Sissala east municipal chief executive speaking at the assembly`s general meeting today expressed that, revenue mobilization is very difficult in sissala east due to numerous challenges, this he listed the challenges as, indebtedness of some rate payers to pay revenue to the assembly, inadequate revenue collectors, revenue leakages by collectors as well as inaccessibility of some communities, especially during the rainy season.

Mr. Nanyua however, posted that, with the new technologies and the introduction and support of our partners, ‘i am convinced that the situation would be drastically changed’.

The MCE during the meeting also provided information on financial performance of the municipal assembly, this he listed that, IGF revenue is GH566, 991.26.00, with IGF expenditure at Gh528, 234.92.00, DACF (1st quarter) is GH233, 000.00 whilst the second quarter is Gh282, 924.00, DDF investment component is GH626, 336.00 and capacity building component is GH27, 280.00, then in investment in the guest house is GH36, 759.50, tipper is Gh 4,200.00 and grader is Gh 6,300.00.

Mr. Nanyua during the meeting also explained that, agriculture employs more than 80% of the population of Ghana and the figure is even higher in the sissala east municipality.

This he disclosed that,’ i therefore consider it appropriate to highlight some of the major activities of the department of food and agriculture during the year under review as follows, home farm visits, this he explained that, 1,500 farmers trained on pests and disease management, disease surveillance by veterinary personnel, phytosanitary inspections by plan protection and regulatory services at Burkina border station in Tumu and many others.

Mr. Nanyua also touched on the flagship programmes, this he admitted that, the planting for food and jobs is instituted to help farmers increase production and productivity of selected crops including, maize, sorghum, rice, vegetables like, carrot, Okro, tomatoes and many others.

He added that, under the programme, the prices of agricultural inputs such as seeds, fertilizers and pesticides for the selected commodities were subsidized by 50%. He continued that, the policy has not only increased the number of beneficiaries farmers from last year`s cropping season by 20%, it also increased the acreage by 30%.

This he mentioned that, under the programme this year numerous farmers benefited, which he indicated, about 6,147 males benefited whilst 2,286 females also benefited in terms of these crops maize, groundnut and rice which covered about 17,034 hectares.

He also unveiled that, under the programme, a lot of coupons were received and distributed, in terms of Urea which was 14800 coupons and NPK 43000 coupons.


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