As parts of efforts for the Sissala East District now a municipality to reposition itself and other steps to meet the standard of a municipality, the executive committee of the Assembly chair by the Municipal Chief Executive Hon. Karim Nanyua yesterday during the assembly general meeting presented recommendations to the general house which the house voted to accept.

The MCE who is the chair of the executive committee speaking during the meeting expressed that, the committee recommends that a taskforce should be formed and trained under the works department to check illegal building without permits within the municipality, the committee also recommends that as an immediate measure the municipal assembly should move all operations of cargo trucks to the frontage of the Tumu stadium.

Mr. Nanyua speaking on behalf of the committee continued that, the committee recommends that all allocations of streetlights, light poles and others should be passed through the assembly members and not individuals from the community.

He further disclosed that, micro and small scale enterprises development sub-committee is recommending that, the percentage of the DACF meant for the promotion of MSEs should be used to buy equipment for beekeeping, guinea fowl rearing, soya, groundnut processing, soap making and cosmetics businesses in the municipality. It is recommending that, management should acquire a suitable land for the persons with disabilities who are engaged in suitable business activities, it is also recommending that management should acquire a suitable land for the setting up of a garage for all artisans in the municipality.

Hon Karim Nanyua ended on financial administration sub-committee as well as justice and security sub-committee recommendations, this he has said, the financial and administration sub-committee is recommending that, all area councils should notify the assembly about projects being executed with their 30% share and a plan for spending their 30% share for 2019 should be submitted to the assembly, whilst Justice and security sub-committee is recommending for the general house(assembly) to discuss and take on the acquisition of land for private public partnership in all communities , municipal security council should ensure that the cutting of rosewood is stopped, tree planting should be made part of physical projects implementation in order to improve vegetative cover, over all municipal best farmer should receive tricycle as his/her award and the forestry commission should be engaged to established nurseries under PERD.

Meanwhile,the house finally approved the recommendations rolled out by the Sissala east municipal assembly executive committee through the support of the sub-committees.the Presiding member Hon.Tohari Luri Jebumie in his closing remarks was concerned about the late start and late attendance to the session and called on members to change


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