Some nurses and midwives in the Sissala East Municipality are currently undergoing two days training on maternal and child health record book. The new record book is an integration of several existing Maternal and Child Health Record books used in the past to improve the maternal and child health service delivery and outcomes by ensuring continuum of care and proper recording of the mother and child health care.

The book is designed to link the health records of mother to her child from pregnancy till the child attains the age of five, having a component where Mothers will be motivated by receiving star stamps on their record book when they successfully complete all ANC levels.  It also addresses issues such as nutrition, growth monitoring and promotion, and health education in a more focused and illustrative way.

The participants who are going through the training on the book will be informed of the concept of the new combined maternal and child health record book for effective utilisation of the material and as well help them train other personnel who may not have the opportunity to go through same training. They also shall be able to monitor the progress of the implementation of the new maternal and child health record book at health facilities across the menace polity.

The municipal director of health services Mr Alex Bapula in a welcome address acknowledge that this book came to save time for health workers and nurses and to solve the challenge of record keeping the Ghana health service encountered previous years.

He said the challenge of record keeping however compelled partners of the Ghana health service to come together to consolidate three past record books into one book which is now the new maternal and child health record book which was piloted in three regions across the country. It was later on  launched in march 2017 by the First Lady Samira Bawumia on behalf of the Ghana health service.

He said the training is therefore to expose frontline workers to the new record book so that they can use it properly. Mr Alex emphasized that, the new combined maternal and child health record book was develop for family members and for health workers, it was developed to promote continuum of care, to empower women and family members and to reduce health workers workload.

Health workers can provide quality services with the records and information in the book which is a gateway to health and well-being for mother’s children and entire family members he noted. Mr Alex therefore encouraged participants to take the training serious, as more is expected of them for quality healthcare delivery in the Municipality.

Issah Kanton a health worker led the participants in a guide to be able to enter data into the new maternal and child health record book whilst a delegation from the upper west region health directorate took them through introduction to weighing, length measurement, use of growth charts and graphs parameters table.



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