50% of the internal generated revenue for the Sissala East Municipality goes back to the urban and zonal councils to undertake development, according to Mr. Cletus Moari Bawumya “its normally given back to the area councils, of which 20% of it is used to settle the revenue collectors and the 30% used for some development priorities.

He cited provision of furniture for Welembelle polyclinic, plastic chairs for Nabulo community, constructed 3-classroom block at Challu, BNI quarters renovation and among other things, some classrooms expansion for Tumu JHS as some needs are addressed by some of the area councils as well. He also said the Assembly has undertaken some major projects with the help of the internal generated revenue including drilling of some 20 mechanized-boreholes   particularly, one at Tumu Stadium with the intention making the frontage of the assembly a lorry park to prevent vehicles from parking on the wings of the road.

The provision of mechanized-boreholes with a 10,000 litre water container for the Municipal Fire Service would now allow them to promptly attend to fire outbreaks.

Speaking on the rosewood menace, Mr. Cletus explained how not even a dime has come to the Municipality, stating clearly that the loggers are usually say they have been licensed by the National Forestry Commission in Accra, which he says, the licensed directs the rosewood operators to only collect already cut-down trees but they end up  felling fresh rosewood destroying the vegetation.


The Finance Director of the Sissala East Assembly, Mr. Clestus Moari Bawumya also enumerated the various sources of revenue including property rate, fees/fines, licenses, Lands, Rents, Investments and other legal areas which are itemized in the revenue item list, as the Assembly’s sole sources of internal revenue generation apart from the District assembly common fund.

Other revenue stream accrueing the assembly includes DACF,DDF,School feeding programme,MSHAP,CIDA(MAG),Unicef,GSOP,UNFPA,STWSS the finance officer Mr. Cletus disclosed during an interview on RadfordFM Masie Breakfast Show and  gave insights with regard to how previous budgets  in 2016, 2017 and 2018 budgets and actual revenues received and expenditure.

A document cited by Radford FM on the previous budgets’ performances, the Assembly was seen to have exceeded its estimates in 2016 and 2018, but 2017.

According to the document, the Assembly for instance made an estimate of 454,608Thousand Cedis and was able to rake in 561,095.27 Thousand Cedis as actual revenue in 2016, also 673,094.45 Thousand Cedis was estimated and, so far, an amount of 566,991.26 Thousand Cedis is mobilised as of September this year which in effect will exceed the estimated amount by the end of December this year meaning the assembly is likely to exceed its budget.

This, however, seemed not to have reflected in 2017 budget because of the Assembly’s inability to meet its estimated target of 502,920 Thousand Cedis against 430,615.45 Thousand Cedis mobilised.

Joined by the internal auditor Mr. Anthony Adangabe they both explained to listners that the authorities intends to properly plan the municipality as they seek private public partnership for the Tumu lorry park and other prime areas whilst calling on the public to pay taxes expected of them so they also provide their needs.



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