Diabetes is a condition characterized by high blood sugar or high sugar levels in the blood and comes in two types, the type 1 and 2. Type 1 is also called the infantile diabetes, the onset is from childhood and is always as a result of the inability of the bitter cells in the pancreas to produce insulin especially when there is inadequate insulin in the bloodstream to transport the sugar or glucose into the cells for glycolysis.

Then the type to be usually among the adult population and that is often related to lifestyle. People at risk of the type 2 diabetes are the obese people, then those who are not physically active. Lifestyle contributes to exposing one to diabetes when there is high consumption of sugary foods, junk food and being physically inactive in the absence of exercising oneself to utilise the glucose or the excess sugars that is found in the body Sissala East Nutrition Officer Mr Yanbom Clement Tiimim stated.

He said complications that accompanies type 2 diabetes which has to do with lifestyle are; when you get any sore or injury it doesn’t heal fast and among males it can lead to erectile dysfunction and When your manhood fails to erect, you cannot be able to perform your marital responsibly he expressed. It leads also lead to blur vision, then frequent urination and regular weakness among many.

Mr Clement disclosed in an interview with RadfordFM News. He also encouraged people to desist from consuming higher quantities of polished rice which is more carbonated than the local rice which has a fibre content in it to aid digestion. Take whole grains instead of the refined he urged Mr Clements further cautioned that there’s no alternative treatment for diabetes except when one reports to the hospital where they can recommend the treatment that will suit you or they give counselling.




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