Mr. Mohammed Sukparu has hinted that, he is not surprised that Hon. Amidu Chinniah Issahaku is appointed as the Deputy Upper West Regional Minister describing him as someone who is hard working, selfless and very passionate in any job he is doing.

Mr. Mahama Adams on the Tuesday edition of the Radford Masie breakfast show indicated that, the president of the republic of Ghana and for that matter any government has in their heart to work with people who are loyal, hardworking as well as people who want the development of the country in heart but not those who want to satisfy their monetary desire.

This he hinted that, Amidu Chinnia has all these qualities in him. According to the NDC youth activist, in apposition Amidu was still working very hard to make sure the party win in 2016, “all these things that he was doing, the president eye was on him hence his appointment as the Deputy Upper West Regional Minister, because he knew that, even in opposition this man was working like this then, now that, we have won it will be wise”, he disclosed to get him to work for me.

He cited an example that, in a family the father knows those who like going to farm and those who does not, so it’s the same in terms of politics the president knows those who are hard working from those who only want to work in order to achieve their selfish ambitions. This he advised the youth to emulate the footsteps of Amidu as that will help them in the nearby future.

RadfordFM was discussing how they youth can be relevant in the various political parties in order to bring development to their people.



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