Daily Power outage after destroying most gadgets of RadfordFM has now taken another turn with increased high voltage to hourly lights out by the day. The last record showed an increase of 278 voltages instead of the normal voltage of 240 rendering most appliances destroyed.

According to Balu Mohammed RadfordFM manager who doubled as the host of the Masie Breakfast Show morning show who got emotional moments after experiencing lights out before a programme with the municipal Director of Finance said the Dumsor is now becoming one too many with the frequent Dumsor destroying the equipment of the station apart from disrupting planned programmes, whilst homes,community and the municipality at large suffer in silence .

Mr. Mohammed Balu stressed that uncountable gadgets were destroyed in the radio station only this year which cost a lot of money to the community having to replace those devices was not easy, “oh this situation is very pathetic here”, he cried.

The technician at the station Mr. Samuel Batuame says three system units, three monitors, two printers, two laptop chargers, console of the control room, twelve bulbs and an air condition were all torched and damaged beyond repairs. any time there is power outage more

The FM manager on the Radford Masie breakfast show Tuesday edition, added that, several complaints have been sent to the VRA/GRIDCO officials who explained that the challenge was due to pressure on the line which was serving Navrongo as well as the Sissala East Municipality, this they however pledged that, sooner than later the issue would be resolved, and if the issue is solved the frequent power outages will be curtailed, this Mr. Mohammed hinted that, VRA officials came out and disclosed that, the issue would be investigated and brought under control,

The FM manager was equally unhappy of the numerous destructions caused by Dumsor in the radio station which he continue that, in the middle of this there was high voltage which destroyed many devices in the radio station including computer, printers, bulbs and many others cost over Thousands Mr.

Mohammed also explained that, the incident is now making programs on the radio station less interesting, according to him the time that the programs gets stimulating you will hear “puup” the light has gone out like that, which he described the situation as very devastating for the media house and for that matter electric users in the Sissala East Municipality.

Mr. Mohammed Balu however, advised VRA and GRIDCO officials to work assiduously to curtail this situation in the municipality, because is currently becoming one too many in the system, he also urged them to consult experts to help in terms of a technical challenge which is very arduous to reduce the situation in order to save appliances of electric users and hence reduce cost of living in the municipality.



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