As part of the Ghana Police Service week celebration, spanning between 24th and 30th November, 2018, observed by the Ghana Police Service to educate the public about the vision and mission of their Service and to renew public confidence, Sissala East Municipal Police Command, ASP Stephen Abanga took the opportunity to disseminate important tips of safety and protection to the general public.

In relation to disseminating the tips of safety and protection ahead of the yuletide, the Municipal Police Commander, ASP Abanga outlined five tips that need to be known by the public. The five tips are as follows: holiday theft was the first tip on the list. He said theft and burglary tend to rise during holidays or times when nobody is home, and the best thing to do is to make sure one’s belongings are secured as much as possible. He entreated that properties should be marked with an indelible identification mark, and lock up their homes, cars and trucks. Secondly he gave another tip that it was on the necessary for one to leave outside lights on and if you have not kept one do so. He explained that `when one leaves their outside lights on, they scare thieves because it indicates someone’s presence`.

ASP Abanga advises social media users to desist from sharing fake news and tagging their locations as that could expose them to criminals.

He touched on voyagers whose works require of them to travel always to other places, to entrust their houses and property in the hands of friends and neighbors for daily updates and last but not the least cautions the public to beware and watchful of imposters or criminals who can scope at their homes posing as delivery persons, or people who are lost or seeking help or charitable donations. Persons in all the neighborhood must be prepared to question such unsuspecting people.

Speaking to some security issues to RadfordFM, ASP Stephen Abanga said the number of Police personnel is greatly hampering their fight against crime. He, among others, attributed the seemingly lack of enforcing the law to ensure all motorists wear helmets within the Municipality, to inadequacy of men to always impound motor bikes whose owners fail to comply. However, he said a request has been made, in the coming days, to get some personnel posted to the Municipality.

Meanwhile, when ASP Abanga when asked about the allege extortion of monies from riders who fall foul to wearing helmets, he said it was a crime on the part of any officer to do that, and such issues should be reported to the station. He added that the appropriate sanction is to compel motor riders without helmet to go and buy three helmets before they are given back their bikes, should be applied and not extortions, he told RadfordFM Dimah Araphat still during the interview.

Asked about their challenges and difficulties,Shockingly, ASP Stephen Abanga said he would not join the Ghana Police Service again if he happens to die and asked which job he would prefer. He attributed this to the alarming wrong perceptions of their services, and the consistent incaceration from the citizenry in delivering their services, which he described as unfair, ” if I die today and reincarnate I may not join the Police service again”, ” I believe we’ve not being treated fairly, the citizenry don’t understand the Police work, and they always want to push us to a certain extend”.



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