One’s ability to contribute to motions and debate in parliament has become a measurement of a legislator`s performance in the Sissala east constituency as the MP of the area debut statement on the floor of the house is drawing a lot of comments from the public.

RadfordFM called up the MP Hon.Abass Ridwan Dauda to find out why it took him almost two years before catching the speakers eye.

The Sissala East Member of Parliament Hon. Ridwan Abass Dauda has said it’s like some people do not understand how things are done in the parliament house in terms of contributing to a motion in the house. ”Is like some people don`t understand how things are done in the parliament house-”

This emerged after, some people posted on Facebook following the publication of the vedio,that the MP spoke on parliament without touching on the main issues affecting his constituency, following the MP debut presentation in parliament contributing to a debate on the floor of the house, speaking on the Radford FM Masie breakfast show on Thursday, the Member of Parliament expressed that, if you go on social media you see people saying why shouldn`t I have spoken about the challenges people are going through in my constituency, like the bad nature of the roads as well as many others and I was rather speaking of other areas.

“If you go to the parliament house they are a number of committees, like the defense and interior committee, the finance committee and many other, this he explained that, after budget statement is presented to the house, they break into committees to discuss, these committees come to debate about all the aspects of the budget which he was fortunate to be selected to also contribute to the debate because of how he contributes to his committee whenever they have a meeting.

According to him, if he had started talking about different thing which is not captured in the budget it clearly shows that he was deviating from the motion and that, could have been a disappointment to his committee and his constituents and reminded listeners of the ridicule that one MP and his constituents faced after he got not composed in contributing to a debate.

During the interview with the host Mohammed Balu, he however debunked words by people that he did not say anything about his constituency and stressed that, when he was addressing the house on the security challenges the country go through, according to him he added the state of the Tumu police station, saying it was highly pathetic for the police personnel during the raining season as their office gets soaked in water any time it rains. The MP added that, he also mentioned the name of a young man who has lost many things in his farm due to bush fires in the Sissala East Municipality, and this according to him he has appealed for fire guards to be trained in order to support such cases.

When asked about why he was panicking, the young MP who does his debut presentation in parliament since he was voted to the house in 2016, stated that, the speaker when he mentioned his name to speak as the second debated it actually astonished him, because it was arranged from the committee level that he will be the third debated, so according to him he was putting his ideas together waiting to speak last but to his surprise the speaker Prof. Mike Oquaye mentioned his name Hon. Dauda for me to speak second actually caused the panic, he indicated.

Meanwhile, the Sissala East NDC Communication Officer Mr. Bawa Peter Bawie on the Radford FM Thursday political show, explained that even though Hon. Ridwan did well in terms of contributing to a debate on the floor of parliament for the first time since he was voted to the house but he thinks that was not enough, Mr. Peter believes that, the MP should have spoken through other channels like the media stations at the national level to unveil the challenges of his constituency, if speaking in the parliament house itself takes time because of their structures. The NDC communicator was very optimistic that, if the MP had adopted that method things would have been better in the municipality more especially about the poor road network, Mr. Bawa Peter Bawie comments came in after the MP said that, the parliament house is not like a place where if you feel like talking then you start, he explained that they are structures in the house that shows who should speak at what time.



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