Campaign meant to raise awareness on HIV/Aids is said to catch up with the
people, if educational and health centers leads the crusade.
Chairman of the HIV/AIDs commemoration day, December 1, 2018 at the Tumu
community center, Hon. Robert Baka Wavei has urged Ghana Education Service,
Ghana Health Service particularly school teachers and health workers to seriously
embrace the education and awareness creation campaign on HIV/AIDS on grounds
of the many contacts they have with the majority of the population in the country. “

“On daily basis teachers are in touch with students, on daily basis doctors are in
touch with mothers, children and parents”, he said.
Mr. Wavei also called all and sundry to help schools to form HIV/AIDS clubs to
promote the awareness creation. He also acknowledged the importance of the
youth in nation building to stay healthy and be circumspect not to contract the
incurable illness. “funny enough it is the young ones; those in the productive ages
who are more sexually active, and which is the cheapest source of acquiring
HIV/AIDS…that is where AIDS is a threat to everyone. So when the younger
ones rather have to depend on the older ones who are supposed to be resting, what
happens?” he quizzed. Hon. Wavei ended his speech with a plea to the Municipal
Assembly to consider having subsequent commemorations of the HIV/AIDS day
in the rural communities other than Tumu, which is an urban area…
The General Manager of RadordFm, Mr. Mohammed Balu in a welcome address,
shared with the gathering, where he revealed that in reference to some released
data last year in respect to HIV/AIDS, the disease contraction was on the rise in
Ghana, and it was at the back of this that Radford FM in collaboration with the
Sissala East Municipal Assembly.SILDEP, ASUDEV, Save Ghana, Ghana Health
Service and with funding from the Municipal Assembly, has arranged for the day
in the Sissala East Municipality to rally behind the rest of the world to deepen the
awareness creation.
Mr. Mohammed Balu also revealed that it has always been the pregnant women
whose HIV/AIDS status are always checked anytime they go for antenatal health
care, which cannot be said of the youth. “ it is only the pregnant women if they go
for antenatal care that they are made to test and know their status…… there has
never been a period where individuals are forced to under-go any form of test to
know their statuses”, he indicated. He also urged that the awareness creation
should be taken beyond just setting aside a day for the disease. He cited during
groups’ chats and on social media platforms by which the campaign could be
championed as well…….(VOICE)


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