The spokesperson of Concern citizens of the Upper West Region pertaining to the
Wa UDS Hon. Issahaq Sulemana has said the youth should not wait for political
parties to come and decide for them what is good for the people.
This he explained that political parties just come with their policies and go with
them, therefore the young people of the Sissala East Municipality should always be
prepared to stand against some policies by governments for their own good and for
that matter the region, like that of the Wa UDS issue.
This he encouraged the young people of the Sissala East Municipality to form a
pressure group that will help them get to the government`s attention on things that
is right for the development of the area. “Let’s form a pressure group, let’s get to
government, lets demand what is rightly ours”.Mr. Sulemana advocated
He said this, when they were on a thankful tour of the region thanking chiefs, the
youth and all concerned citizens of the region for helping in one way or the other
for the president to finally declare the Wa UDS to be an autonomous institution.
On Radford FM Hon. Sulemana stressed that, the youth should continue to have
hope and work assiduously to help solve challenges now and in the future, he also
encouraged them not to depend entirely for people to solve problems which are
genuine about their lives, this according to him they should not always sit back
and watch but join hands with their leaders to solve issues which are pertinent to
their lives and for that matter the region.
The spokesperson of the five-member delegation in an interview on Radford FM
called on MPs of the Upper West Region to wake up and support for the University
for Business and Integrated Development studies bill to be passed in to law as fast
as possible, this he believes will make the University a fully fledge for the region.
“We are calling them as a matter of urgency to put more pressure on the
government to ensure that the bill is sent to parliament for ratification so that we
have our own fully fledged University”.
Hon. Sulemana also thanked the Paramount chief of the Tumu traditional area and
the president of the Upper West Regional House of Chief Kouro Richard Babini
Kanton for his strong support of the group which eventually made the president to

pronounce the Wa UDS to be autonomous. Hon. Sulemana also appealed for more
support from the paramount chief and his colleagues from the region so as to spur
them on to champion issues that will bring development for all the people in the



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