Muslim preachers have been urge to use radio to change the behavior of the youth in our communities who indulged in drugs, stealing and other social vices.

Radford FM management and its board took religious leaders who preach on the Radio through some guidelines in the aspect of religious programmes in order to curtail abusive words use against each other among the Muslim community.

The Sissala East Municipal Chief Executive Hon. Karim Nanyua who was invited as head of Municipal Security Committee advised the religious leaders to be very careful in spreading their messages, this he hinted that religion of Islam represent peace and all everyone should do is to promote peace in societies but not to use radio programmes to incite conflict. The MCE urged them to work very hard with the guidelines provided in order to reduce abusive languages usage during radio programmes.

He also emphasized that, religious leaders can organize  Quranic recitation contest among themselves to bring out the truth for the followers to understand what Islam represents. He appealed to them to be patient with their flock in their wish to spread Islam but told them that the radio is not grounds for exhibiting  intelligence and was quoted as saying” don’t use radio to show your intelligence but the number of people one is able to convert into Islam and practicing the deeds of Allah matters most.

This came after some preachers preach and used abusive languages against the other Muslim family. However Radford FM as a media station disseminates information that will bring peace to the municipality. This the board and management of the community base media house called both the Orthodox Muslim family and that of the Al-Sunnah family and took them through how their preaching will be done to avert confusion among themselves and this preceded meeting organized to sensitize both sect earlier.

In a welcome address the manager of Radford FM Mr. Mohammed Balu noted  that radio draws more listeners as compared to any other media channel outlet  and therefore religious leaders should preach information’s that are factual and found in the holy Quran in manner that would be sensitive to other religious doctrines. He continued by encouraging to use the platform to preach about ills of society and get many to follow Islam in a manner that will breed peace in the Muslim community and for that matter the Sissala East Municipality.

The FM manager expressed further by outlining guidelines by the National Media Commission that all presenters and broadcasters should adhere before preaching, this according to him, religious broadcasts should not contain any attack on, or ridicule of any other religion, the content of religious programmes shall be prepared with due regard and respect for the beliefs and sensitivities of all religions, the opportunity for religious broadcast presentations should be made available to the various religions in the community, but cautioned should be applied that the expectations of listeners are not abused and many others.

Mr. Mohammed also disclosed that there exists criminal liability on any one found to be promoting hate and crime as the law would deal with you, and in this he appealed to the preachers, to be decorous in their languages used in preaching or scenes likely to encourage crime, glorify war or lead to disorder should be avoided, criminal tendencies should be presented as undesirable as well as many others.” he urged.

The board chairperson of the radio station Madam Florence Hayen Zaato in a word advised the religious leaders to be very cautious in disseminating their information she believes if the approach of preaching against each other does not change the situation could one day explode, this she explained that, Radford FM is brought to promote peace and tranquility but not to cause enmity among the people.

All the preachers at the end of the meeting accepted to abide by the methods of preaching proposed by the station to foster unity among them apart from exchanging pleasantries.


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