Collaborating civil society and government agencies have joined to celebrate 1st
December 20118 world international Aid awareness day at the forecourt of the
Tumu community center after a days float.
Speaking at the event was Benjamin Trazouli from the Ghana Health Service, GHS
who said aside the awareness creation and checking of individual status, it was also
a day to show solidarity and sympathy towards victims of the disease.
Revealing current statistics of HIV/AIDS worldwide from UNAID report,
Benjamin Trazouli said about 37 million people in the world have contracted the
disease, with 9.4% of the number being unaware that they have the disease. With
reference to the statistics, Benjamin Trazouli said about 82 people in the Sissala
East Municipality have the disease and are unaware of it.
Mr. Benjamin Trazouli also advised that it is better off for one to know their status
in order to take pragmatic steps in either dealing with it or not risking contracting
it. Giving a brief acronym of HIV/AIDS, he said “HIV is the virus that can lead
one to AIDS and HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus and AIDS is the
state of syndrome and illnesses which also stands for acquired immune deficiency
He, among others, cited sexual affairs as the predominate way of getting the
disease, and infected blood transfusions. He also urged that those with the disease
should not be stigmatized and feared, because relating with them is normally
misconstrued as a way one could also acquire it. Mr. Benjamin also said that no
one’s status could be known through appearance but unless laboratory
confirmation, and if someone is infected with the disease it could take between 2
and 15 years before starting to experience the signs and symptoms…….(Voice)
Representatives of other partners, Mr. Abraham Sege of ASUDEV, Mr. Yahaya of
Save-Ghana and Wasor Ibrahim of SILDEP all made a clarion call on all and
sundry to test to know their HIV/AIDS statuses. The representatives also
demystified the erroneous claims of contracting the disease by handshakes, sharing
of drinking cups and others. Mr. Ibrahim Wasor, a representative of SILDEP

related the increasing rate records of teenage pregnancies as concomitants of
possibly contracting the disease…… (VOICE).
The day was organized by RadfordFM to rally behind the rest of the world in the
wake for intensifying the awareness creation and preach the theme:” know your
status” of the deadly disease, HIV/AIDS. This was also an occasion to celebrate
the 30 th anniversary of WORLD AIDS Day- a pioneering global health campaign
first initiated by World Health Organization, WHO in 1988.


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