Absence of car park in Tumu cause for roadside parking Drivers bemoans


Whilst there is no street in Tumu which bares the sign no parking, drivers with vehicles that passes through the town sometimes needs a little are more time to park and attend to other necessities but the alternative place to do so is on the road.
This is because there is no car park in Tumu town to accommodate such vehicles. Most often, Drivers of vehicles coming into and out of the town with, or to cart goods sometimes parked for closely a week especially on the Imoro Egala road from the Wa-Bolgatanga junction to Pulmah.
With some education from the police, parking on roadside above one hour is not accept per the laws of the country and when it becomes necessary for parking, bus stops are used.
The education from police indicates that it is the responsibility of the Assembly to create car park to accommodate vehicles that needs parking to allow sanity on the road and generate revenue through such an initiative.
Some Drivers Radford FM interviewed said it is not their fault for parking on roadside since no place have been provided in the town.
They have expressed that it is their wish Sissala East Assembly provides a car part where they can do parking with comfort until departure, if even a cost is attached to allow a clean road for easy traffic low.
Some of the Drivers told Radford News that per experiences they got from other places in Ghana, fees are taken from drivers when they park at lots and more over business opportunities open through such intervention which is not happening here.
More than three years now the Municipal Assembly’s subcommittees report repeatedly suggested the creation of car park in Tumu from 2016 until date.



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