`Superboi` Santana a sole artiste of point one entertainment hinted of more tracks that should be released by the close of the year 2019. The artiste who has one album and close to eight single songs to his credit noted that he was brazing himself up to record more hit songs for his fans.
The “Give it to them” hit maker mentioned he was going to launch his second album by the close of the year, he said fans should expect nothing but the best of the blend of all genre of music in the album, he mentioned that he was going to feature the star Girl Rashida in his second album due to the creativity and intelligence of the young girl. The two who jointly launched their latest track which was recorded at Asaygnigi records talks on people can’t be the same, He noted that an album give an artiste superiority over artists of the same category.
He also noted that, event organisers should take note of treating artists fairly and not discriminate among them, he said the practice of favoring artists from Wa to the disadvantage of the artists from the local area is not the best, he said they should begin to respect them and treat them with respect and dignity that should be accorded. He noted the behavior of the various event organizers of not making them comfortable during programs and not giving them a place that is convenient and comfortable isn’t the best and should be looked at.


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