Pentecost church in Tumu donates 40 bags of cement to police


As part of the 2023 vision of the Pentecost church to partner government of Ghana in areas of development needs, 40 bags of cement have been donated to the Ghana Police Service in Tumu for construction of a fence wall.

This is in response to last year’s unfortunate incident that happened causing the vandalization of Tumu police station, including some property.

DSP Stephen Abanga has expressed that after the incident the police have been trying to renovate the station and as part of the renovation fencing the police station to protect property became necessary.

That is why we have gone out to appeal for assistance and Pentecost church has responded by donating some cement that will assist in the construction of the fence wall.

Tumu area Apostle of the Pentecost church, Apostle Daniel K Dakpor while he presents the cement to the police on behalf of the church expressed that the leadership of the church at Pentecost have decided to partner with the government and to help in areas where there are needs.

“We have some selected institutions like the prisons, the police and also decided to help in environmental care by making the country or the environment in which will leave clean”.

Apostel Daneil further noted about hearing the news of renovation plan of the police station which they thought it is appropriate and prudent for  partnership.

The church he disclosed have decided nationwide to go to some of the prisons also to help put up some structures in order to minimize the accommodation problems in those prisons. It is just a start  and our hope is that we will continue  to give more in future.


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