Grace Provider Academy, a private school in Tumu has initiated fan club in the school which they named after Radford FM.

The fan club is formed based on the fact that Radford FM is the only medium of communicating to a larger mass within the Sissala area and inspire a lot more of people who believe this radio stations brings change to their lives.

The club initial plan was to raise funds to support Radford FM but this has been changed by reason that Radford FM cannot accept fundraising activities in its name without the concern of relevant authorities.

It was noted clearly by the manager of Radford FM Mohammed Balu that any fund activities of the club will be for the club to enable them run their errands.

The President of Radford FM fan club who also the senior prefect of Grace provider academy Mr Samuel Salifu welcomed all a personality who made it to the launch of the fan club in the school.

Radford FM fan club Patron Mr. Dennis Quaitoe in a speech express that fun club is part of school life and grace provider academy has deemed it necessary to initiate a club since the educational curriculum provides grounds for activities of such apart from the regular teaching and learning.

He said it is a milestone they have achieved as a constitution have been prepared to guide operations of the Radford FM fan club.

Mr. Mohammed Balu gave a background about the establishment of Radford FM which was an idea from the youth within the Sissala area who pursue the course after asking for support from Plan Ghana to establish the radio station that had Mr. T.T. Wubontuo as the first Manager with current member of parliament as the Business manager in 2007.

He took time to educate members of Radford FM fan club in Grace provider about the type and kind of media that exist in Ghana and as teenagers he dwelled largely on content media produces including television,radio,newspapers,internet,ggames,cinema,outdoor marketing etc that are consumed by them.He admonished the children to make good use of the internet and develop their own programmes as they were competing with children around the world and prepared not to be left behind.


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