The Organising Committee Chairman of Paarigbeille festival 2019 of the Tumu traditional area has been launched by Kong Kuoro, Kuoro Mahmoud Savei on behalf of the paramount chief, Kuoro Richard Babini Kanton to mark the 10th anniversary of the celebration with the aim of riding the Sissala East municipality of filth.

Performing the launch in Tumu on the 25th February, 2019 with the theme “Festival, as tool for restoration of cultural heritage”. The Chairman called on the youth, Sissalas around the globe to come over and support the initiative as it provides a vehicle for seeking redress from government on the many challenges confronting the people.

Kuoro Savei indicated that the current Paarigbielle has been revived thrice and celebrating it for ten years continuously means the other Sissala communities with their own festivals can work together to make the festival a grand one and have a `Sissala character `representing the interest of all Sissalas. “The Paramount Chiefs, he said have begun discussing that move”

Kuoro added “It starts from 16th March with elaborate activities with the climax scheduled to take place on the 23rd March 2019 with President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo expected as the Guest of Honour and other paramount chiefs from across the country.

communicated events leading to the celebration of the annual festival coming up from 16TH to 23RD March 2019.

The activities lined up starts; 16th March 2019 with a health walk, but with much emphasis on opening Women’s football tournament to engage and involve females in activities leading to the festival up to 17th March,2019 involving second cycle institutions.18th March ,2019 would be volleyball matches involving the clubs in town. There would be Street- Jams on 21st March 2019 which would be preceded by a Video show at the forecourt of the Chief place. Friday would begin with a health screening for school children free of charge, traditional dance competition among basic school children, whilst the cultural night follows, where songs, dance, dirges, appellation and all other traditional activities will take centre stage.

Mr. Mohammed Kanton disclosed the activities.

Hon. Wutor Bawa a member, announced the new steps been taken to boost financing of the festival despite the challenges of burdening the people of appeal for support and assured that steps are being taken to secure a long term sponsorship for the festival. The new move will target individuals and organizations to sponsor individual aspects of the festival.

The committee also appealed for support for the festival and expressed their willingness to show greater accountability to the people who contribute to the festival.


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