Action for sustainable development ASUDEV has created a citizen forum of which members are to participate in Assemblies decentralize development process and take action for accountable governance.

It came under a citizen’s action for accountable governance project the organization partner Star Ghana to implement. The one-day training yesterday is to increase citizen’s participation in decentralized development process for greater efficiency and accountability in the delivery of public services in two municipalities of upper west which are Sissala East and Wa Municipal.

With an objective of increasing knowledge, consciousness and active participation in governance, the Citizens forum participants were trained on the planning, budgeting and procurement process of the Sissala East municipal Assembly. It would also improve timely access to quality and usable information about development plans.

In a development planning presentation, Municipal planning officer Madam Esther Abaching gave a background that “All countries strive for growth and development. However, for countries to achieve that desired growth and development, efforts are needed to: Plan, Regulate, Control, Guide The development process in the right direction”. This makes development plans imperative in spearheading sustained growth and development. Ghana has now adopted a 40-year development plan (2018-2057) as measured to curb unnecessary citing of projects she noted”.
The Executive Director of ASUDEV Mr. Osman Luriwie Kanton while taking the citizens forum members through leadership training outlines key conceptual understanding of a leader as he elaborates that Leadership is when a person influences, motivates and inspires others to accomplish an objective and directs a group in a way that makes it well organized. He stated that ‘Being technically competent does not make you a good leader’ Good leaders reduce assumptions about people and situations, they limit ‘meaning-making’ and rather concentrate on data. Leaders collect data, process data, take decisions and communicate the decisions effectively. Also, Leaders’emotions are infectious” – what you do or do not do leaves a legacy behind that you may not be in control of. The engagement will lead to town hall meeting next week Wednesday 27 March 2019.


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