Sissala west enlisted to benefit from rearing for food and jobs policy – Francis Nndamain

The agricultural director of Sissala West district, Mr. Francis Nndamain has said that sissala west district has been enlisted to be part of the 6 districts in Upper West region to benefit from rearing for food and jobs programme, which would be launched in June in Wa this year.
He healed the DCE, Hon. Mohammed Bakor Zakaria for working hard to bring this agricultural package to the district. He however stated that not all farmers in the district would be enrolled to be part of it, but it would be structured to avoid discriminations. The animals captured in the policy include sheep, guinea fowls and others.
He also said that there would be a bit of changes under the planning for food and jobs programme, especially on subsidized fertilizer distribution . He indicated that farmers this time would pay in cash and carry the subsidized fertilizer from retailers in their respective communities.
In planting for for exports and rural development, he said Sissala West district would be dealing in cashew production, and he’s been instructed by the DCE to go for 540 kilograms of cashew seeds to distribute to interested farmers this year. He also said the cashew plant would be ready for harvesting within 3 years.


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