Sorbelle, Pulima get mechanised boreholes.

Mr. Theodore Adrah, Phibeta Consult has said Sorbelle and Pulima communities will not be moved from using boreholes to mechanize ones to get potable drinking water.
He revealed that this was necessitated because of the rapid development of the two communities.
To this end he urged the communities to be cooperative with them as they would be going through long process is to work out everything to provide them the mechanized boreholes.
He said as of now money has been released for the new mechanized systems to be drilled. He also said the money released would cater for 3 or 4 mechanised boreholes in each of the two communities.
He told the residents that there would be a 3-day pumping test after the mechanized boreholes are set, and has urged them to exercise patience when the time comes.
 He further revealed that about 10 of the mechanised boreholes would be provided in Upper West region.


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