We have done what never happened in Sissala West district Mohammed Bakor


The ‘lizard tends to praise itself when it falls from a tree and there is nobody to recognize his strong suit and so if nobody recognizes us, I do as the lizard, Hon. Mohammed Bakor has expressed as he described development in the Sissala West

Mohammed Bakor has said he and the Member of Parliament for Sissala West Mr Patrick Adama brought about the development that never materialized in the Sissala West district when he accounts to constituents on the progress of development yesterday.

during a social audit engagement organized by the NCCE in Pulima, He revealed that Duwie and Desime are now connected to the national grid after several years of sleeping in darkness.

Mr Bakor has expressed that the Assembly is constructing a separate ward for females and children at the Gwollu hospital to resolve the issue of admitting patients of different sex under one roof, which was the hospital’s situation in the farmers the that .  By the end of 2019 we would construct ten CHPS compounds in the territory to make access to healthcare improve as some facilities are under construction he noted.

The Sissala West Assembly is also creating a police post in some communities and have completed Gwollu District Court House pending hand over. He further disclosed a girls model school have been open


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