Action for Sustainable Development (ASUDEV) has sought partnership of the Media network for social accountability in the Upper West Region to take up the task of holding leaders to account to citizens their stewardship.

In a media sensitization held in Wa Friday, the organization noted that despite, there have been several provisions in the 1992 constitution which allows leaders to socially account to citizens for their stewardship, little is done. This therefore discourages citizens participation in the local governance process notwithstanding the efforts CSOs put up to educate the citizens to get involved in local governance process.

Hence the media involvement became necessary as part of Citizens Action for Accountable Governance Project ASUDEV implements for a year.

The (Citizens action for accountable governance) CAAG project seeks to increase the knowledge, consciousness and active participation of citizens in the various development processes (planning, budgeting, procurement and administrative) in the two beneficiary Municipal assemblies of the Upper West Region through the adoption of social accountability mechanisms by their communities and citizen’s groups in order to deepen decentralization.

Secondly, the project seeks to contribute to the fulfillment of communities’ and citizen’s development priorities and enhanced quality of service delivery through effective citizen demand actions for responsiveness by local authorities.

In welcome address, upper west media network for social accountability chairman Mr. NAYARO FROKO said the network already had functioned in fulfilling issues of accountability by holding leadership to account to citizens even though the network have no such capacity to broaden its reach due to some challenges.
media awards have been initiated for media houses that champions issues of social accountability on their platforms.


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