Santijan robberies: pregnant woman forced to lie on belly for 6hrs


It takes over 85Km to get to  Santijan from Tumu, a community in the Sissala East Municipality which is currently suffering insecurity due to life-threatening robbery activities that keeps recurring Chiefs  in the area have bemoaned  during a stakeholders engagement.
A 35-year-old woman was forced to lie on her belly with her seven months old pregnancy for more than two hours early March 2019 in one of the robbery incidents, the  Chief of Santijan, Kuoro N-pia Docta Kupua expressed the grief and ordeal of the woman.
The woman is reported to have been returning to Gwosi with others from a market at Santijan on five tricycles when the incident happened.
It took a hunter who escaped stray bullets to save the victims including the pregnant woman the Chief told a gathering of stakeholders including MP for Sissala East Hon. Ridwan Abbas Dauda, Deputy Upper West Hon. Amidu Chinnia and the MCE Karim Nanyua.

He said about twenty communities in the area have always been terrorized by armed robbers since 2017 and theiractivities are increasing by the day whilst the security persons appear to look on as their action affects children, women as well as other groups of persons and businesses in the enclave. The armed robbers he said always leave messages that travellers must carry money on them or they shouldn’t travel, this infuriated the chief  “who questioned why innocent citizens have been left at the mercy of these heartless crooks”.

Kuoro N-pia Docta during the stakeholder meeting express disquiet about snail pace when threats are reported saying “that anytime a robbery incident occurs and they call on the police, they report late because of what they describe as not just the long distance but,  about the bad roads.
However, when the community members make an arrest of suspects for the police, they do not get feedback about the criminals from the police also.
The Chiefs are therefore appealing to authorities to create a police post at the area to help crack down crime especially robbery. Santijan Chief has also appealed for an extension of electricity to Santijan to improve security at night and enhance social life


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