Woman involved in a robbery attack gave birth to a premature baby


Thirty-five-year-old a woman who was attacked by arm robbers last months whilst going to a market at Santijan gave birth to a premature baby upon arrival at Nabulo health centre in pains. A brother of the woman said the incident happened around 18 and 19 March 2019. According to the woman whose name is withheld, the robbery lasted from 6 o’clock to 12 pm before all the victims in six tricycles that were robbed the same time were released. She was made to lie on her belly with a seven months pregnancy from 6 to 12 pm she disclosed. She had sold her maize for above one thousand Ghana CEDI’s to perform her father’s funeral and was, therefore, going to market to buy ingredients and other foodstuffs when the incident happened

In her narration to Radford news about the attacks, she said, when the robbers attacked us one of the armed men shouted on me to lie flat but I told them I am pregnant but The armed man still forced me to lie flat on my belly with the pregnancy. While I was lying, they search for me and took away my money. I felt pains on my abdomen whiles I was made to lie and as I was wailing out of the pains, the men came back, pulled out my under wares thinking there was more money on me but when they couldn’t find anything then they Left me. Since then I felt pains until it became severe that I felt I was going to miscarriage and therefore request for help to go to hospital. Upon arrival at the Nabulo health centre, the baby came out and nurses at the facility recommended we rush to Tumu hospital. The baby is receiving care at the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Tumu hospital but Doctors have asked Radford news to give them up to tomorrow to be able to tell us the state of the woman and the baby


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