NADMO Declare migrants in Sissala East enclave as 1,633 amidst calls for donor support


A regional security committee(Regsec) team of the upper west region, led by the deputy upper west regional minister Mr Amidu Chinnia Issahaku, has through the national disaster management organization identified the number of migrants as 1,633 currently residing in the Banu enclave in the Sissala East municipality.
“It came to the regional minister’s attention that we have some people from Burkinafsao who have migrated to settle in the Sissala East, specifically Banu traditional area, as a result, we have to hold an emergency Regsec meeting to discuss the matter, and we taught we had to visit the area to acquaint and ascertain things for ourselves so we get at first-hand information, what may have caused the migrants to move to the area”.
“What we have established is that most of them said Ghana has fertile land for which they intend to farm to get food to eat, whilst others say where they are coming from, there have been some attacks on their communities”. We also met the chiefs of the area and infact, we think the numbers are alarming, over a thousand is huge, with many young able men with a lot of children and if something is not done, their presence can pose as a threat to the country, citing we cannot compromise the security of our country”,
A NADMO data collection form compiled and released to the media in Tumu after the visit to Wuru, Kwapun, Banu and Pido identified 253 households made up of 360 males,393 females, with children made up of 462 males, and 418 female making a total of 1,633.
In Wuru, 489 persons were listed, Kwapun 467, Banu 561 whilst Pido had 111.
During an interaction with chiefs and the migrants, the minister Mr Chinnia said “government is worried about the movement of foreigners into the country as it has both current and future security threat. Foreigners have to follow due process before they settle here as we continue to identify who they are in order to know the category of foreigners as well as their real status, whether they are truly farmers or running as a result of the attacks”
We have sent our report and made a recommendation to the national about the situation and we expect immediate action, the deputy minister said. “They are interacting at the moment with the Ghanaian citizens and whatever that is affecting them in terms of health can affect Ghanaians too hence the need to come out with an immediate plan to deal with the situation”.
He adds that “this is an urgent matter which is both national and international matter whilst we respect the rights of Ecowas or AU pacts that Ghana has signed up to” “We have also heard information that more of them will be coming and this is worrying “the deputy minister said
“The customs said proper checks are done of foreigner’s luggage and urge the resident indigents to be the ears and eyes of the Ghana government”
“The Municipal chief executive Karim Nanyua said their presence is likely to put pressure on social amenities in the communities and ask the collaborating stakeholders to identify the very reason for accepting foreigners”
“The regional police commander Mr Boapea asks the chiefs to report suspected persons to the police”
The regional director of NADMO Mr Jacob Dery says “for now what we are doing is to get their exact number that will inform us of exactly what to do to support them “we realize they were putting up temporal structures which can accommodate them, so I am getting back to Wa to prepare a report to Accra.
“We will make a request to headquarters for mattresses, blankets, rubber buckets so they can cook and bath and bemoaned that “we in the NADMO in Upper west cannot provide tents anytime soon”
Mr Dery requested for donor support in order to support them well when he was asked about logistics “we will definitely need donor support, stressing that “if we get support from donor agencies, we will be very happy, for now, we have the ultimate responsibility to take care of them as they are also human beings in the name of ECOWAS.
Mr Dery said being over one thousand people is overwhelming, We need to keep a close eye on them, as the security was doing its own assessment to let’s check exactly the situation.
The team involved the regional police commander, army commander from upper west, regional commander of Customs excise and preventive service, regional national disaster management organization, the Bureau of national investigation, red cross, the national security representative and the regional immigration commander as well as the regional red cross.


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