[+photos]:Tumu Senior High secondary Technical vandalizes school properties in a demonstration


Students of Tumu Senior high technical school yesterday held the entire school campus hostage from about 11PM till 2AM this morning where they vandalized school properties and chased out the staff of the school running for their lives.
Information gathered says “at about 11: 00PM the Police were called in to save a situation where students were said to be attacking and throwing stones to their teacher’s homes and we moved in immediately DSP Abanga said and added, unable to control the situation, we called in the patrol team to assist and we managed to bring the situation down by 2am”
Neighbors and eyewitness around the school say they started hearing noise from the school and it continued until this dawn, as the school is without fence wall.
It took the intervention of the police and additional reinforcement from the Ghana armed forces moving with the police patrol team who stepped in to save lives and property.
A visit this morning 24th May 2019 by 7AM led by the municipal chief executive Mr Karim Nanyua, acting municipal director of education Alhaji Mutawakilu Fasasi, staff of the municipal education, security agencies, the PTA, board and staff of the school revealed the extent of damage to cover; destruction of 3 bungalows, including the headmaster, senior housemaster, assistant headmaster and two other staff with their personal effect all torn, scattered and disorganized in their abodes. Utility points had all been disturbed affecting water supply, electricity and telephones.

A visit shows school documents and personal belongings in both offices and homes attacked, destroyed, tempered and now in disarray, one is welcomed to the school by the broken louvres and A4 sheet flying and scattered all over whilst some of the students appear worried. Teachers are seen in groups chatting but shocked by the level of destruction. Some members of the community ‘believes its culmination of indiscipline unpunished for a long time has resulted in this”.
The headmaster bungalow was broken into where doors, windows, louvres, all destroyed and ransacked, his furniture, dining table, wall curtains, clock are all seen on the bare floor with the television, his two bedrooms was forced opened and searched and left with bags opened and documents unfiled. An old school vehicle had its windscreen broken, the head master and about five officials of the school would need a make shift accommodation tonight.

The headmaster tells me he was away in Wa to arrange for the funeral of his late dad when he was informed of the commotion, “unfolding events forced me to drive to Tumu by 4am this morning when i met the school vandalized”.
“I don’t know what I have done to merit this from the students, initially I taught the senior housemaster was the target, but after getting to his bungalow they were not satisfied and proceeded to my bungalow, I am yet to go into my bungalow, I have been talked to but I don’t know what will happen if I go in” Mr Abass woyorbie Mbulibe The headmaster said.

Two offices were forced opened also and documentation ransacked with louvres and doors destroyed. Three television set and decoders were all damaged as well as phones and other gadgets stolen. Two of the television one a nasco is seen in the main hall of the headmaster’s bungalow completed disjointed. The school television in the dining hall though in a metal cage had the screen left with cracks.
Polytank for storing water for the kitchen was not spared as it currently leaks badly whilst the senior housemaster’s overhead tank is seen perforated with tap heads broken and thrown on the ground.
Electric meters belonging to the VRA were removed and pummeled with brick blocks. Security lights around the campus were dimmed and removed. Kitchen equipment destroyed and the matron’s office looted and ransacked, the matron is unable to tell the quantity of food items taken away.
An eight classroom structure used by the form threes was destroyed with louvres and glasses attached all hit with stones with pieces of glasses scattered on the veranda.
Rumors around the campus suggest some of the final year students who are currently writing their exams attempted going into the exams hall with mobile phones and this caused some of them to grudge with the exams officer invigilating.

Two days before this vandalization the school authorities also seized two buckets of mobile phones and burnt them before the student’s body according a senior staff of the school “but this was to instill discipline especially among the outgoing third years”. Some of the disgruntled students also have accused some of the staff for hoarding the ceased phones.

They also accused some of the staff from not allowing them to help themselves in the exams, an accusation they justify that some of the schools allow cheating in the exams.
Other Information gathered is that last night chaos has left many students terrified which left many running to the Tumu township especially some of the girls who were sleeping at the time of the incident with some of the students saying “they beat us to comply”.

The form 3 students are currently being accused by some section of the school community to have been the ones who started pelting stones on the teacher’s bungalow and forced the form Two’s and One’s to join them at all means to cause the strike, however this is yet be confirmed.
The cost of damage is still being estimated as NDAMO has moved in to asses. The school is currently without its utilities of electricity and running water as the students cut the wires and broke pipeline on campus.

The assistant headmaster is still surprised about the hurried manner the students coordinated these destructive plans without a hint.The police have picked some of the students for questioning.
The board chairman of the school Mr Mumuni Yahaya who appeared worried recounted the destruction of classroom, teacher’s bungalow, breaking of pipeline and causing the lights and telephones lines to go off is so enormous that growing indiscipline among school children needs to be addressed.
The Tumu Police are holding some of the students assisting in investigations.
The municipal authorities have addressed and called all the students writing the exams to come back and write the paper as they would be protected by the security whilst the students body would be addressed by 12PM noon the municipal Chief executive Mr Karim announced but told the students “that they have a duty to assist the school find the leaders of this heinous act as they would not be spared”


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