Fake soldier arrested in Tumu.


A 28 old year alleged imposter whose intention of introducing himself as a colleague of the military detachment patrolling Tumu borders has turned out turning himself into the authorities leading to his eventual arrest. Now in the Police custody, Mr Ahmed Tijani Abubakari got arrested today, June 6, 2019, at about 9:00 am.

According to the Military detachment source, Mr Ahmed Tijani visited them at where they are lodging but was eventually arrested after he failed to identify his station, unit, number and his commanding officer when he was quizzed during the visit dressed in a military shots and portrayed wrongly trying to greet the military officers.

Mr Tijani, further the interrogation was done to know more of his unit and other details as regards him but, according to the source, he was unable to identify himself appropriately as military which heightened suspicion of his identity.

He was holding a sum of over two thousand Ghana Cedis cash where he disclosed he had passed-out as a military trainee in March this year.

The Military detachment cautioned him and advised that imposters of this kind can easily defraud the public especially with the uniform saying his use of the uniform can make it easier to do so.

This made them hand him over to the Tumu Municipal Police station for further interrogation and investigation investigation.

Information gathered from Chief inspector Geoffrey Hor the station officer said the gentleman visit the area often and holds himself as a military officer until he was arrested by the detachment. As part of investigations, a search was conducted in his room which revealed a military bag with a set of camouflage military uniform and a jacket as well as two pair of boots. His mobile phone also indicated Tijani dressed in a military uniform whilst others depicted him holding assault rifle gun for the pose.

The chief inspector added that provisional charges of impersonation and possession of military accoutrement without authority was being preferred against him whilst investigation continuous.

The presence of the military detachment in Tumu in the Sissala East and west is in response to the presence of Burkinabe immigrants and suspected terrorist’s threats from Burkinafaso, the troops are patrolling the borders from Hamile through Fielmuo to Gwollu, Kupulima  to Kassana to Banu and Pido, all in an attempt to give protection to the citizenry by dominating the area to prevent any threat from happening.

They have however called on the civilians to report suspicious characters to the police.


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