Listen, watch and report strange characters to security personnel- Brigadier General Francis Ofori cautions public.


The General commander commanding the five northern regions Brigadier General Francis Ofori has cautioned and urged the public especially in the Sissala area to listen, watch and report any hints or suspicious moves of strangers to security personnel and authorities in the area promptly.

Brigadier General Francis Ofori was admonishing residents in the area at the Municipal Assembly in Tumu, together with the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Karim Nanyua Thursday 6th June 2019.

He has however warned of the level of hospitality that Ghanaians give to foreigners, and has observed that terrorist could take advantage of that to strike and urged all to report any suspicious strangers to the security personnel.

Brigadier General Francis Ofori in interaction with youth groups, religious leaders, assembly members lamented about the porousness of our borders with our neighbours’ hence the need to station the troops here. He had earlier in an interaction with the municipal chief executive and security commanders commended the bond of cooperation existing between his men and the authorities.

He said that “gone were the days that terrorists attacked security posts”, revealing that the groups have, recently, shifted their attacks to churches, mosques, cinemas and other public places. They have moved from hitting hard targets to soft targets”

The meeting which was arranged to interact with the military detachment in the Sissala east and west and other stakeholders. It was also to formally announce to the public about the presence of a military detachment team deployed to the area, and its mission to patrol the area to secure the integrity of the borders and protect citizens from the threat of terrorist activities around the Northern part of Burkinafaso.

He also called on the public especially, women to be watchful in their daily activities such as going to fetch water, firewood among others. The religious groups including churches and mosques were advised to ensure some security was planned each time they meet as a congregation.

The army commander asked the security to share information with their colleagues across the border as that have the potential to help combat criminals taking advantage of the porous border.

The current action of the military presence follows a series of reports of movement of persons Burkinabe descents who are currently settling in the Sissala East enclave citing recent threats of terrorism in the northern Burkinafaso. The meeting was attended by religious leaders, opinion leaders and Assembly Members and some other stakeholders who were encouraged to disseminate to others and report suspicious characters to the security.


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