Tumu SECTECH reopens with tutors told to be united


The chairman of the board of governors of the Tumu Senior Technical School Mr Mumuni Yahaya has asked the schools authorities to unite and see the students as their wards who needs their guidance as they start classes tomorrow Monday 10th June 2019.

“bring the students closer to yourselves, guide them as your wards and be united as staff without compromising on school rules and regulations, be cordial with the students”. He admonished

Mr Mumuni added that he hopes the headmaster and school authorities will put in place plans that will assist both tutors and students to recover the lost academic time.

Tumu Senior high Technical School students started reporting back to school after the shutdown of the school by the regional director of education Mr Evan Kpebah on 24th May 2019 due to a riot between the student body and the school authority that resulted in the destruction of school property.

Speaking with the Assistant headmaster of administration Mr Joseph Gandayiri he disclosed that the turnout of the students was encouraging and that it was a great joy seeing the students come back to school. He, however, stated that the students will be made to sign a bond of good conduct, as well as proper measures, will be put in place for senior house Masters to check the kind of things they bring to school. He also indicated that the relationship between the students and the teachers would remain friends and that they will not take revenge over the students.

As a measure of curbing future occurrences, Mr Gandayiri said the students will be thoroughly checked to avoid them carrying phones and some other unauthorized gadgets on campus and that from time to time they will mount periodic checks to ensure they comply with GES rules and regulations.

In an interaction with some of the teachers, they expressed their joy for seeing the students back in school and that they are willing to cooperate smoothly with the students to ensure effective teaching and learning in the school.

Some students also expressed their regret for what happened in the school and they promised they were going to channel their grievances to the rightful authority rather than embarking on needless demonstration.

A committee put in place by the municipal education oversight committee to find out the cause and recommend solutions with the view to preventing this from happening is yet to present its report but earlier last the week the PTA and the education directorate conveyed a meeting with parents of wards which paved way for the reopening of the school to kick start resumption of teaching and learning.

Mr Mumuni Yahaya chairman of the board of governors said we want the school to start normal classes to enable catch up from the lost time.


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