Health committee inaugurated in Sissala East


A 13-member Municipal Health Committee who are to ensure there is quality health service delivery in the Sissala East has been inaugurated

The members were drawn from institutions and departments such as the district assembly, district health directorate, traditional council, and the religious bodies with former District Chief Executive  and a retired health worker Mr Robert Baka Wavie as its Chairman.

Speaking at a stakeholders meeting prior to the inauguration of the committee, the Municipal Health Director Mr Alex Bapula explained the purpose of the committee as among other things to ensure quality health service for the people in the Sissala East and advise management on issues of health and environment. This occurred after the previous council’s term expired as current members would have three years’ mandate of term.

The committee he said was to come out with various modalities and channels including campaigns to ensure its mandate in promoting quality health delivery.

Another responsibility of the committee according to Mr Alex Bapula was to monitor and evaluate the performance measure matrix for implementation in the Directorate’s report.

He also acknowledged the contributions of past members in ensuring some intervention was given Tumu hospital to make it sustainable to operates.

In his inaugural speech, the MCE Mr Karim Nanyua said the campaign for quality health service was not for health personnel alone to pursue but a collaborative effort involving all and urged members to do everything in their capacity to support it.


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