CIKOD to create livestock corridor market in upper West region


Center for Indigenous Knowledge and Organizational Development(CIKOD) a non-governmental organization is taking up an initiative to create a livestock corridor to serve as an approved route in the upper West region through Gwollu in the Sissala West District to facilitate effective regulation of transhumance entry into Ghana from Burkina Faso and other countries.

The organisation would also create a livestock market in Wa to enhance livestock trading as an economic venture in the region. The move is aimed at putting a system which regulates herders movements to reduce herder and farmer conflicts in the country as experienced currently in most areas of the South part of Ghana.

The livestock the corridor is a self-financed system which would allow herders to pay for services whilst they move into the country, while the market would also serve as a revenue source for the district assemblies the Deputy Executive Director of CIKOD Mr Bamuoku Daniel explained during a five-day workshop on livestock trading and mobility in West Africa held in Tumu. Mr.Daniel has emphasized that so long as Ghana possess the conducive political atmosphere and environmental factors such as availability of feed and water, transhumance activities shall continue to exist. Therefore, it is profitable to create such corridors in the country to determine when herders should come into and out of Ghana, at what season and their destination  with a permit he Stated. “When these measures are in place, herders who are at fault can be tracked and made to pay penalties”. “Countries such as Togo, Benin, and even Burkina Faso has those systems but Ghana doesn’t, which gives room for illegal entry of herders into the country that ends up sometimes in conflict”.

Meanwhile black Volta in the Upper West Region, Gwollu and Jeffisi are some of the identified entry points where trans human activities takes place illegally CIKOD cited.

The organization is however also working on a pastoral policy framework to be presented to government for consideration to tackle transhumance activities. This is under a project Agro Pastoral Integration and Securing Path that seeks to ensure animal and food production works together whiles creating markets for livestock trading within the West African Sub Region. It is supported by Action for Life and Air France as well as other partners.


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