Dealers of agro products take on leadership for not supporting their businesses enough


By: Mohammed Balu

During a meeting with the two Sissala East and west assemblies, dealers of agrochemicals were not happy and blamed the leadership of inadequate support for their businesses. These concerns were raised yesterday 25th June when a 14-page communique meant to curb fertilizer smuggling was read from the dealership of fertilizer and other agro products.

Whilst encouraging the leadership for seeing them as partners in the distribution of agro-inputs to farmers in the area Alhaji Modab of Modab enterprise was not happy about the frequent cases of the report of smuggling that is associated with the district which he called on the authorities to address and urged all to take the step to resolve issues before its handed over to leaders outside of the area for redress.

Mr Suara Tayiru  who represented his company stated “today is the only day they have been recognized as partners of development and not smugglers as that have always been the situation and appreciated the authorities for that effort. He, however, charged the Sissala east and west assemblies to do more to support their businesses and questioned, “why don’t we get a mention as the area that produces maize in Ghana and always battered with the tag of smuggling which is affecting their business”. He expressed

The manager of SUAT alluded that Upper east region gets a higher quantity of fertilizer and other agro-inputs most years yet maize farmers get farm helps from the upper East during planting, cultivating and harvesting of foodstuff yet this never gets mentioned anywhere and appealed to the authorities to change the narrative.

Another dealer Yakubu Basuglo asked the leadership to take up the issue of the area been the grain basket of northern Ghana seriously and change the perception.

Mr Clement Kawuribe the municipal director of Agric used the opportunity to educate the dealers about the form A, B, C and D which  he indicated must all be filled properly by all dealers of agro product or risk losing out from the government subsidy programme ’He took his time to talk about the inorganic, organic fertilizer and the seeds under the government programme.


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