A retiree of the Volta river authority in an interview with Radford news on the Masie breakfast the show has indicated that more pragmatic measures should be employed to address the power fluctuation within the Sissala community.

He noted that, the problems with the power going off and on need serious technical attention from officers of the Volta River Authority. My fridge and television have also been destroyed as a result of the daily outage he lamented, in an interview and called for the leadership to present the situation to the authorities for attention.

His called came at a time, when the Sissala East and west municipality and district respective complained of frequent power outages, the situation which has spanned for the past two years and has destroyed lots of gadgets and equipment belonging to local people.

The former parliamentary candidate for the 2008 general elections advice that, a the delegation made up of high profile persons in the Municipality to the Volta River authority to make a formal complaint to the office about the situation, this he mentioned would go a long way to helping solve the situation.

Scores of listeners who called onto the local radio station mention the destruction to their electronic gadgets ranging from domestic appliances such as TV, fridges, radio set whilst others said it has affected their economic activities like welding, milling machines and others.

The Sissala east municipal last year wrote a letter with support from RADFORDFM complaining about the situation to the Wa office of NEDCO which the authorities promised to fix by close of December 2018.The current situation has moved from bad to worse with daily outage increasing by the day with its attendant high voltage associated with the current erratic power supply.

Checks by RadfordFM indicates that GRIDCO sub-station produces and sells electricity to NEDCO/VRA who does the distribution of power, Unfortunately only one supply line from the GRIDCO sub-station in Tumu sends lights to as far as Bawiesebelle which is 76 km from Tumu and the same line extends electricity to Gwollu, Bawiesebelle, Nabulo, Jeffissi, Leo and Gwollu on the same single line from the GRIDCO sub-station.

An official of the Ghana Health service Mr Saani Nyuasun has said the persistent light off has destroyed some of the vaccine kept in fridges in the Sissala East municipality. “We had a breakdown of Nabulo health centre, Welembelle polyclinic and Nabugubelle health centre which is affecting the storage of essential vaccines that the population needs”. The authority is being urged to solve the two-year power situation.


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