Sissala East and West issues communique to curb fertilizer smuggling


The Sissala east assembly has put in place measures to change the tag of smuggling that has become synonymous with the municipality after a meeting with the Sissala west assembly. This came to light when the MCE Karim Nanyua was addressing a session of assembly members where he stated “one negative tag this municipality is noted for is with regards the smuggling of fertilizer” a communique has therefore been released after a meeting which was read to assembly members 29th may 2019 in the presence of chiefs, assembly members and heads of department and development partners .The under listed will guide the operations of fertilizer in the two Sissala west and east municipality:

In a related development the, the Sissala east and west constituency security committee met yesterday 25th June 2019 distributers of fertilizer in the Sissala east capital in Tumu and issued a communique meant to curb fertilizer smuggling in the area.

Reading the communique, the Municipal Chief Executive Mr Karim Nanyua and Mr Mohammed Bakor read out the 18 point decisions to the participants made up of the fertilizer dealers and the security commanders from the Sissala east and west districts.

The two political leaders who led the discussion one after the other urged the group the idea of having this forum is to ensure the government programme of planting for food and job is not ruined to smuggling of ten blamed to be the key saboteur to the programme saying “if the government planting for food and jobs is destroyed, you would also stay out of business”, The Sissala East MCE stressed.

Planting for food is impacting on the lives of our people, when I go into our communities I see the people building block houses permanently which they can use later as a guarantee to secure a loan, so lets all take steps to protect the programme. DCE for Sissala west Mr Mohammed Bakor read the communique where all dealers of fertilizer were tasked to ensure documents needed are made available for the inspection of the security including the banning of movement of fertilizer in trucks from 6 AM to 6 PM unless on an exceptional basis with the security. We will avail it to you as dealers to get a smooth run of the flagship programme

v Dealers in fertilizer should note that any transported fertilizer with it accompanying document (way bill) shall be delivered at it destination district before the way bill can be signed by the MCD/DC. THE fertilizer can be utilize in the assigned district and anywhere else. Eg. Fertilizer meant for Sissala east municipal shall be in no circumstance be utilize or transported to anywhere in the Sissala West District and vis-versa.


v The police and security agencies with support from the two assemblies intensify patrols on all approve and unapproved routes.

v No car shall be loaded awaiting supply to farmers or sub-supply warehouses.

v All warehouses and stores for the receiving and retails of fertilizers should be made known to the Directorate of agriculture for effective and efficient monitoring.

v NABCO personnel shall be assigned to all warehouses and retails shops to monitor and track fertilizer received and issued on daily bases.

v Heads of security agencies are to periodically partake in patrols to ensure that junior officer are not compromised by these smugglers

v We also, wish for all fertilizer dealers who have the intention of re-bagging buying fertilizers with other sacks for smuggling purposes to desist from it as the security personnel is on high alert.

v No fertilizer is to move from 6:00pm-6:00am, however, trucks with fertilizer been supplied to the district from Accra shall be allowed in with close supervision from the security agencies to ensure they are not diverted.

v   All dealers are to make known communities within their district of operation where sub-supplies are to be made. This is to ensure that fertilizer is not taking out of the jurisdictional boundary so defined.

v It also decided that security agencies of the two district can trial and cross boundaries to arrest suspected criminals but should be handed over to the head of police in the district the arrest took place.

v Fertilizer purchase from the open market cannot be sent across the border without necessary documentation permitting the export of agro-inputs.

v Strengthening Ghana border at Leo, the committee noted with concern that the Ghana border at Leo was about 18km to the frontiers which have made it difficult for the effective manning of the border. It is therefore recommended that in other to reduce cross border crimes, a well-established border with all the mandated security agencies should be constructed and set up.

v It was resolve that, with the band of felling, salvaging and escorting of rosewood, all area councils should henceforth stop collecting revenue from rosewood loggers and rather report such act to the security agencies for prompt action.

v All persons caught dealing in the smuggling of fertilizers; felling, salvaging and transportation rosewood should be reported to the police for prosecution.

The Sissala East, which is the food basket of the upper west region has in the past been associated with the string of suspected smuggling of fertilizer, a perception that is almost drowning the many farmers whose effort at the production of cereal is said to be second none apart from, being the area with high acceptance of the government planting for food and jobs policy across the country.



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