We won’t cut down trees; we would be salvaging’ – Mr. Bachapong to Sissalas

CEO of Bachapong and Li Sonqgun Company, Mr. Bachapong Issahaku Zakaria has assured that they would not involve in feeling down of trees in the area but would be salvaging already fell down ones to feed their wood processing company.
“You see we…. basically we looking at woods that are going waste, and we have use for it” adding especially, that trees fell down during the course of farm preparations would be salvaged and bought from the farmers to feed the industry.
He reiterated that the company would not be engaging in tree felling but would largely be depending on legal loggers and farmers in acquiring the raw material to feed the company ” for now”.
Mr. Bachapong also revealed that the company would partner with local leaders and Forestry Commission to embark on a reforestation project to augment raw material acquisition in future.
” The forestry commission has a lot of seedlings and so we are planning with the traditional authorities to volunteer their lands for the plantation” he said.
In an interview with RadfordFM, Mr. Bachapong also denied rumors that the company started off preparations to commence operations before meeting with stakeholders, but has confirmed that they have been around with engagements for about a year now.
 ” You would have unofficial discussions with people before you go for the official ones. First of all, I would meet you as an individual or a friend and consult you, but I can come to you later and let you know that this time around I I am coming to you because of your work or outfit and you would know how to address the issue” he added.
Responding a concern of fears, he assured  that the company would not veer-off it’s line of activity, like the case of Chinese firms in rosewood menace, to devastation and destruction of of already depleted vegetation without recourse. To this end, he has urged and challenged the youth and old to take up monitoring task to report and fight to safeguard the depleted forest left, should the company veer off to engage in such activities.
Mr. Bachapong Issahaku Zakaria spoke to RadfordFM after a two-day workshop, from July 6 to July 7, 2019, at the Sissala East Municipal Assembly Conference Hall where he, together with a consultant from Gestalt Organization Consulting, Dr. Paul Sowah and Assistant Regional Manager of Forestry Commission,  Mr. Soyiri Sebastian, engaged with stakeholders especially, traditional leaders, Leadership of Assembly Members and the youth to introduce the wood processing Bachapong and Li Songqun Company to the community and to mobilize support for their operations in the area.
Meanwhile, Dr. Paul Sowah told RadfordFM that a roadmap would be drafted based on the discussions and views as well as concerns raised by the stakeholders to forge a comprehensive report document especially, for the company.


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